COMMENT: Hartlepool United fans show more passion than Pools

Ken Hodcroft.
Ken Hodcroft.

THE reaction to our Q&A with Hartlepool United showed just how strong the sense of feeling is amongst Pools fans.

It is a shame the current playing squad haven’t shown the same passion this season.

If they had then perhaps the side wouldn’t be in such dire straits.

Pools are staring relegation square in the face, the situation is desperate and some quick decisions need to be made.

Firstly, bringing in a new manager.

An appointment is expected imminently and Ronnie Moore is set to be handed the task after watching the latest defeat at Burton Albion from the stands.

He won’t have been impressed.

Hopefully the new manager is given longer than 45 days, no time at all to mould a squad with eight new signings.

Secondly, it is clear the squad needs a mid-season overhaul. Again. Far from ideal, of course, but that is what is needed.

Four of five new faces – two centre backs, a hard-knock defensive midfielder and another striker, at least.

They need to be tough, gritty, no-nonsense types who possess at least some leadership qualities and character.

Sadly, it looks like it will have to be done on the cheap – as ever – with the club’s focus again on free agents.

Although the club did, at least, acknowledge there has been an over reliance on loan players.

The club also made it clear that the money – £1m – from the sales of Jack Baldwin and Luke James cannot be used on transfers.

That is hard to fathom for Pools fans.

How can the club bring in a seven-figure sum and not be able to spend it on new players?

The financial fair play regulations have again been blamed but it seems barmby that you can bring in that much income and not be allowed to spend it

If the money isn’t being spent on new signings then what has it been spent on? Serving the club’s annual debt will no doubt be the answer.

But that won’t appease fans.

Other clubs, often with smaller home crowds, seem to be able to manage and thrive without the restrictions of financial fair play.

Burton Albion, a prime example, had a crowd of just 2,474 on Saturday yet they sit second in the table.

The ground issue continues to overshadow proceedings, perhaps that is the intention.

The issue should be put to one side until the end of the season. Nobody is coming out of it with any credit at the moment.

The club should be focusing on appointing a manager, signing new players and climbing the league.

Anything else is an unwanted distraction.

The club didn’t own the ground when they were winning promotion and doing well in League One after all.

The issue won’t be resolved anytime soon either, with both sides seemingly as far apart as they have ever been.

Pools made reference to the fans and the media threatening to boycott matches, while some fans have been been staying away from home matches in protest the media have never threatened to.

Why would we?

The tone of the responses also left some fans feeling aggrieved, making them feel like customers rather than supporters of their town’s club.

Whether that was the intention or not.

In fairness the club’s responses were swift and we thank them for that but arguably it left more questions than answers.

What fans want more than anything is for their team to start picking up some wins equally swiftly.