Craig Hignett: Hartlepool United video routine may have backfired

Goalscorer Josh Laurent.
Goalscorer Josh Laurent.

Hartlepool United boss Craig Hignett is not certain publicly shaming his players had the desired impact.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t force his Pools squad to go through the same video disection of their defensive frailties again this week.

After the horror show at Brunton Park, the gaffer made his players sit through an hour mistakes on the big screen, for the rest of the squad to see.

But after watching his side picked apart at the back by Leyton Orient at the Northern Gas & Power Stadium, he’s not sure the video nasties routine really worked.

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“I’m not sure if it the video thing made it worse or made it better,” Hignett admitted.

“You can’t keep coming in and saying the same things after performances like that.

“We will probably do the video thing again, though.”

Never one to get too carried away by a win or a loss, reflecting back on the 3-2 loss, Hignett said: “We have lost a game at home. We haven’t had enough to win the last two games.

“The mentality is bad but it is not as bad.

“Our play between both boxes is as good as anyone in this league but what counts is how you defend in your own box and that hasn’t been good enough.

“People shouldn’t be able to play balls and collect them again, or play one-twos, so easily. We don’t get easy goals like that. We have to work for ours. Other teams don’t against us.”