Goals, two-goal margins & points per game - Hartlepool United's home form under the microscope

As a fan, last season at Hartlepool United is something that many would like to erase from memory.

But, that's not so easy for those at the club who lived it and are determined for it never to happen again. And that's without even getting into the off-field woes.

In order to improve on last season's 15th place finish in the division one area targeted by the management team is the club's home form.

This was not just an issue last season, but the one previous, too.

Getting three points at Victoria Park, where Harrogate Town are the visitors tomorrow, seems to have become a real battle for Pools' players and that's something Bates is keen to change.

But where did it all go wrong for Pools at home? Here we take a look at the stats from last season and analyse what trends need to change in order for Pools to edge closer to the top end of the division and away from the lower reaches.

Points per game at home v away

Pools players performed better on their travels last season than they did at home.

Could it be down to the fact coming to the Vic was a big draw for many non-league sides? I tend to think this is a hollow argument given the fact the likes of Tranmere, an equally big trip, got in the play-offs and largely performed well at home.

Pools just didn't get the balance right at home. They were too easy to pick off on the break, struggled to create chances and individual errors cost them dear.

On average across the season Pools won 1.17 points per game at home compared to 1.26 on their travels.

Two-goal+ margins

Pools only managed to score more than two goals at home three times last season - and it should come as no shock that every time they did they won.

Four goals against Halifax was the season highlight, with three goal hauls coming against Woking and Maidstone, too.

They also only scored two goals on home turf twice, winning one of those as well.

So heading into this season the morale of the story has to be, should Pools net more than once at the Vic they've got a cracking chance of a win. Only Gateshead - on New Years Day -prevented them from having a 100% conversion rate last season.

For and against

Relatively speaking Pools were reasonably tight at home in terms of goals conceded.

From memory, it just seems that every one they did was an individual error or proved costly late in games.

While the league average for goals conceded at home was 1.18 per game, Pools scored 1.13. A marginal gain.

At the other end it was a different story as Pools scored just 1.04 goals per game at the Vic. The league average was 1.41.

Teams also averaged 1.49 points per game on their own patch compared to Pools' 1.17, as mentioned above.

Last season's results in full (away)

Macclesfield 1 Hartlepool 1 - August 8, 2017

Maidenhead Utd 2 Hartlepool 1 - August 12

Bromley 2 Hartlepool 0 - August 19

Guiseley 0 Hartlepool 1 - August 28

Wrexham 0 Hartlepool 0 - September 12

Leyton Orient 1 Hartlepool 2 - September 16

Woking1 Hartlepool 1 - September 30

Solihull Moors 1 Hartlepool 2 - October 7

Torquay Utd 0 Hartlepool 2 - October 28

Boreham Wood 0 Hartlepool 0 - November 11

Ebbsfleet Utd 3 Hartlepool 0 - November 25

Dover Athletic 4 Hartlepool 0 - December 9

Gateshead 2 Hartlepool 2 - December 26

Dagenham 4 Hartlepool 2 - January 6, 2018

Chester 1 Hartlepool 1- January 23

Eastleigh 4 Hartlepool 3 - January 27

Halifax Town 2 Hartlepool 0 - February 20

Aldershot Town 2 Hartlepool 1 - March 6

AFC Fylde 3 Hartlepool 3 - March 17

Barrow1 Hartlepool 2 - March 21

Maidstone 1 Hartlepool 2 - March 21

Sutton Utd 1 Hartlepool 1 - April 14

Tranmere 1 Hartlepool 2 - April 28

Last season's results in full (home)

Hartlepool 0 Dover Athletic 1 - August 5

Hartlepool 1 Chester 1 - August 15

Hartlepool 0 - AFC Fylde 2 - August 26

Hartlepool 3 Maidstone 1 - September 2

Hartlepool 1 Dagenham 0 - September 9

Hartlepool 1 Eastleigh 2 - September 23

Hartlepool 1 Barrow 0 - October 3

Hartlepool 1 Sutton Utd 1- October 21

Hartlepool 1 Tranmere 1 - October 27

Hartlepool 0 Aldershot Town 2 - November 18

Hartlepool 4 Halifax Town 0 - November 21

Hartlepool 1 Macclesfield 2 - December 2

Hartlepool 1 Maidenhead Utd 2 - December 23

Hartlepool 2 Gateshead 2 - January 1, 2018

Hartlepool 0 Wrexham 2 - January 20

Hartlepool 3 Woking 2 - February 17

Hartlepool 0 Ebbsfleet Utd 1 - February 24

Hartlepool 0 Boreham Wood 0 - March 10

Hartlepool 2 Bromley 1 - March 27

Hartlepool 0 Guiseley - April 2

Hartlepool 0 Solihull Moors 1 - April 7

Hartlepool 1 Leyton Orient 0 - April 17

Hartlepool 1 Torquay Utd 1 - April 21


Manager Bates is a very clever football man. He honest, straight and appears to know exactly what is required to turn things around this season.

He knows the home form is below par and is keen to turn it around.

He got on the players playing on the front foot at Maidstone and looking at the stats from last season, doing something similar at home is just the ticket to success.

Not only will it get the fans onside but it will also give the team the best possible opportunity to get two goals. When you get two, as proven above, you rarely, if ever, lose at home.

That could be the key to Pools turning a mid table season into a one which sees them up there and challenging.