Hartlepool boss will not rush into risky signings

Hartlepool United manager Ronnie Moore.
Hartlepool United manager Ronnie Moore.

RONNIE Moore will not rush and run the risk of making bad signings for Hartlepool United.

The Pools boss is desperate to bring new talent and heart into his squad with the transfer window finally re-opening on the eve of the team’s trip to Wycombe.

But Moore insists he will not sign people for the sake of making signings – he will wait to get the right players.

The new boss admitted he has had a number of knockbacks this week when trying to sound out various targets.

“It doesn’t help us, or any football club, that the window opens tomorrow morning and you have to have them in by 12!” he said.

“So there is not an awful lot can be done this week.

“Obviously I’d like to use the five loans I have available at this present time.

“With a bit of luck we might have a couple in [for Wycombe] but we’ll have to wait and see.

“I’ve had an awful lots of nos from players who don’t want to come – experienced players do not want to come to a club where we are at the present time.

“There have been four or five players who are moving to teams at our level but are not willing to come here, they would like to come here but are going somewhere else.

“I have to make sure I don’t dive in and do anything stupid and end up with some of the players we’ve ended up with for most of the season.

“I have to take my time, I can’t rush it.

“The window is open until the start of February, we’ve may be just got to try to change the shape of our side for how we play now and then take things on from Monday with some new faces.”

Moore admits if he gets more knock-backs from experienced figures he will not hesitate to look at more youthful targets.

“If that means we have to look at younger ones with ability and pace then we will,” said the Scouser.

“Everyone wants a striker, and if you are thinking of someone who gets one goal in two games then he isn’t coming to Hartlepool is he?

“We need to realise that, everyone does.

“But we look for players with the work ethic that my teams are all about.

“You don’t have to be the most talented individual, but be fit, adapt to the team shape and pattern and never give up.

“Get that and we could be fine.

“It’s not like we are four points adrift with one game left. There’s time left.

“I can’t say we get five brilliant players in on Monday and we are off and running – that doesn’t happen.

“If we were top of the table I would have people phoning me wanting to come to us!

“Instead we have to convince people to come here, even for a month – come here, enjoy it, help us and it puts them in the shop window too.

“Five strikers this week have turned us down, but I don’t want to dive in and sign five for Saturday.

“We work hard next week to get at least three new ones in for the challenge.

“It’s a challenge to get players here anyway because of where we are – out on a limb.

“All our away games are overnighters and long hauls, but you get on with it.

“That’s where a club like ours has to get the better kids in from Liverpools, Manchester Uniteds, Sunderlands, Newcastles, Middlesbroughs – all the teams around us.

“It’s nice if they help us and it’s about getting the right players in which hasn’t been done in the past.”