Hartlepool chief executive willing to step down from role – but only if it’s in the interests of the club

Pam Duxbury
Pam Duxbury

Pam Duxbury admits she is willing to step down from her position at Hartlepool United – if it is for the good of the club.

But the chief executive has reiterated her desire to see out her rebuild job at Victoria Park.

Duxbury says she has no immediate plans to leave the Vic, although she has made it clear that she will not outstay her welcome at Pools, provided the club is in a firmer financial footing that the difficult situation she inherited from predecessor Gary Coxall.

“I plan to stay as long as I am wanted,” she said.

“We are bringing in a new structure and if we then find that I am not the right person to take the club forward then I will happily step aside.

“But I am committed to the club. I am enjoying it.

“I might not be here forever but there is a lot of work to do – there is a minimum of a three-year project ahead of us.”

There have been a lot of column inches devoted to Pools over the course of the last year, and the next 12 months is likely to be no different.

But instead of ‘financial woes’, Duxbury hopes all the talk will switch to new investment at the club, with talks taking place with a number of interested parties.

“It has been a baptism of fire,” she said of her time at the club.

“I was introduced to Gary through a mutual contact. I was working with a football agency at the time.

“He needed some help on the finance, which I think has been well documented.

“And it just started from there, helping in the background.”

“The most testing thing has been the financial woes. They were worse than expected.

“The process of gaining control of the club has been extremely testing.

“There has been a lot of development work that I wanted to have started by now but have not been able to.”

Looking ahead to the future former chartered accountant Duxbury said: “I want to build a sustainable club.

“Promotion is part of that but we need to be a sustainable football club at the heart of the community. The survival of this football club is key.

“It feels like that’s been lost over the years. We’ve been working with people in the town to rebuild that.”