Hartlepool United goalkeeper on EA Sports' FIFA 20 release and which of his teammates would have the best stats and player ratings

With the latest instalment of EA Sports' FIFA video game series is just one week away, we spoke with Hartlepool United’s resident FIFA expert, Ryan Catterick.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 1:10 pm
EA Sports' FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 will hit UK stores on Friday, 27 September with 20-year-old Catterick looking to get his hands on an early copy.

The young goalkeeper is currently out on loan at Northern League Division One side Guisborough, but that didn’t stop him casting his eye over the Pools squad to pick out who would have the best stats on the popular title.

Scroll down and click through the pages to see the Hartlepool players’ pace, strength, shooting, heading, passing and dribbling rated...

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RC: "Me! We have a tournament when we go away sometimes, I take my PlayStation when I travel with the lads and there’s no competition really."
RC: "Not too many of them play but when Lewis Hawkins and Scott Harrison were here, they used to have themselves so I used to just go on and show them how it was done. Josh Hawkes fancies himself a bit but he’s no good. I’ve had a few 3-0 whitewashes against him to be fair so it’s all right to get him off nice and sharp!"
RC: "It’s got to be Gime Toure, hasn’t it? He’s absolutely lightning!"
RC: "Oh that’s a tough one. Me, probably!"
RC: "Niko Muir is a good finisher but I'd say Feaths is someone who I rate up there, he’s got a really decent finish on him to be fair."
RC: "You should always back yourself but I can’t really back myself when I’m training with someone like Dimi! It's got to be him."
RC: "It’s got to be...actually no that’s tough I don’t want to hammer anyone!"
RC: "Aaron Cunningham has a decent shot on him and Josh Hawkes too, so it’s one of them for me. I don’t look forward to facing shots against them."
RC: "I’ve got to back Nobsa, he’s the penalty taker and he's scored a couple already this season."
RC: "It’s got to be Josh for me."
RC: "Nobsa has got the eye for it so I’ll say him spraying it around in front of the defence."
RC: "Gime, he’s so good at getting the ball and taking it past people so it’s got to be him."
RC: "Raynesy is really good in the air to be honest, he wins everything."
RC: "Aaron Cunningham loves a good tackle but then again Peter Kioso does, he loves putting his body on the line. Myles is another and he’s had a few injuries from putting his body on the line so he’s decent as well."
RC: "It’s hard because I don’t come up against many of them being in goal but Gus is someone I’d back to be one of the strongest because he does bits in the gym."
RC: "I’ve never been on the game myself but hopefully there’s next year, you never know if we get promoted!"