Hartlepool United keeper Trevor Carson hopes to help save life of ill sister-in-law in Warrior Beach Assault 10k obstacle course fund-raiser

Saving shots are all part of a day’s work to Trevor Carson.

But the Hartlepool United keeper is now hoping to go some way to saving a life.

She needs a life-saving operation in America and we are trying to raise £130,000

Trevor Carson

Carson’s count down towards taking part in the Warrior Beach Assault 10k obstacle course in Whitley Bay has gone from weeks to days with the event next Saturday.

The 28-year-old is raising money for Melanie Hartshorn, who needs a life-saving operation in the United States.

Melanie, the sister-in-law of the Northern Ireland goalie and the much-loved auntie of Trevor’s young daughter, is suffering from a rare condition known as Ehlors Danlos Syndrome.

The 26-year-old is bed ridden, suffering multiple seizures every day with EDS causing her joints to dislocate, particularly in her spine and neck.

Carson has already raised both money and the profile of the condition and will now put his body on the line for Mel next Saturday.

“She needs a life-saving operation in America and we are trying to raise £130,000,” said the Pools player of the year.

“I thought, being a footballer, I would try to get publicity and I found this assault course to do to try to raise money.

“I managed to raise some awareness too and Mel’s story has been on TV so I hope we can slowly get to the target and get the op to save her life.

“My giving page has expired, I forgot to extend it, but if you type Melanie’s Mission into your search engine you should find it.”

Carson says simply spreading the word about Mel could prove just as vital as the donations themselves.

“Even if you can’t afford to donate, I know times are hard, please share the page, maybe some one else can, every little helps,” he said.

The Warrior Beach Assault 10k will be staged along the seafront with the Spanish City Dome serving as the start and finish line.

“It’s a big challenge but it’s for my sister-in-law, she has one of the worst cases in the world,” added Carson.

“She’s in a bad way.”

Mel, from Cramlington in Northumberland, is the sister of Trevor’s ex-wife, Meryem, and aunty to their daughter, Katiya, who she adores.

“She’s in a certain position all the time, it’s not a nice way to live,” said Trevor. “She’s only 25 and has a lot of life to live still.

“If she can get the operation and it makes her better, we have to give it a go.”