Hartlepool United must hurry up and appoint boss or be left with ‘dregs’

Wanted man?  Paul Cox.
Wanted man? Paul Cox.

Ronnie Moore has sent Hartlepool United’s owners a message: Get a move on and appoint a manager.

Pools, in desperate need of a new boss, can’t believe that two and a half weeks after the last game was played that the club are still without a leader.

If you start cutting corners and messing about, you’ll spend a long, long time in that division


Moore, who led the Great Escape in 2015, says a new chief needs to be in place in order to recruit players – and fast.

His plea comes on the day Barrow boss Paul Cox has emerged as the 1-3 favourite for the job.

“I guarantee managers are already getting phone calls from agents offering players about,” said the 64-year-old. “ If you’re not in a position to move, you lose them.

“It’s hard enough as manager of Hartlepool to try to attract people and the longer they wait the worse it will get. They’ll get players, but they’ll be the dregs.”

Moore, speaking to the Football League Paper, added that Pools cannot afford to “skimp” their way through the summer and next season.

“Whoever is in charge, they’ve got to have a go,” said Moore, who worked in the NL this season at Eastleigh.

“It’s no good saying ‘Right, we’ve dropped down, we need to take three or four hundred grand out of the budget’.

“If you start cutting corners and messing about, you’ll spend a long, long time in that division.

“The competition is just too strong. It took Lincoln six years to get out.

“Chester and Wrexham are still there. York got relegated this year, Stockport in the past.

“The warnings are there. If you skimp and try to do things on the cheap, you could easily go down again.”

Moore admitted that the appointment of Dave Jones back in January caught him by “surprise”.

His three-month tenure saw Pools slip from 19th to 23rd and sacked with just two games of the season to go.

“Davy coming was a bit of a surprise to everyone, including me,” added Moore. “I didn’t think he had any interest in coming back as a manager.

“His credentials, his CV – it’s all really good. But it’s all been at the top level.

“When he dropped down, you heard rumours that he wasn’t treating the back room and office staff very well, that he was disliked as a person.

“I know some people said Jeff Stelling shouldn’t have said anything, but those feelings were eating away at every Hartlepool fan.

“A lot of people I spoke to said they wished Jeff had done it two weeks earlier.”