Hartlepool United new club crest: Check out finalists

Classic design
Classic design

Hartlepool United’s search for a club crest is gathering pace and, after some significant engagement with supporters, the final voting is now down to just two designs.

Earlier this year, Pools made the announcement that they plan to introduce a new club crest to replace the current one, which has been place for a little over 20 years.

Shield design

Shield design

The decision was made on the basis that the intricate design of the current ship’s wheel crest makes it impractical to use in the modern world of digital and social media and the timing is based on the fact a new club shop and a fresh commercial partner for kit is around the corner.

While popular with some, the ship’s wheel has often been the source of confusion and disagreement about how prominently it represents Hartlepool United.

Having changed the crest many times over the years, there is now a desire to embed a lasting and meaningful identity.

Pools enlisted the services of a designer to produce a badge which will work well on a range of high quality items and mediums.

Having changed the crest many times over the years, there is now a desire to embed a lasting and meaningful identity


A research and consultation period was undertaken during which fans were asked to give their views on past designs and have their say on what element they would want including on Hartlepool United’s new club crest.

It quickly became clear from the results that there were two clear themes integral to any new design – a return to the stag or hart, traditionally linked with Hartlepool, and also ‘1908’ – the year of the club’s formation.

While some encouraged the inclusion of a monkey to represent the legend indelibly linked with the town, the club expects to explore avenues for a monkey mascot to feature across a new range of merchandise.

Five designs were originally released for a public vote and almost 2,000 Pools fans responded, allowing Pools to narrow down the shortlist to just two.

Both of the crests are utilising a new colour suggested by the club, developed to represent the limestone heritage of the town and a suggestion of ambition for Pools – Hartlepool Limestone Gold.

This colour references the limestone town wall on the Headland. Built in the 14th Century, it made Hartlepool one of the most fortified port towns and only walled town without a castle in England.

The land on which the Northern Gas & Power Stadium is built was originally owned by North Eastern Railway Company to be used as a limestone quarry, while the town’s iconic St Hilda’s Church is built from limestone. The colour is based on the sun reflecting on the wall.

Introducing The Finalists:

Shield: This design solves all the technical issues faced by the current crest and encompasses the widest range of opinions offered by fans.

It’s flexible, meaning the colour can be changed or reversed or have elements removed to suit different purposes, while still being anchored in Hartlepool limestone gold.

The classic hart and pool motif is designed to reflect the club’s heritage, with position reversed to reference the crest from the 1970s.

The water is simplified and, particularly when coloured blue, includes a subtle nod to the monkey legend, as the water becomes breton stripes, worn by the French Navy.

Classic: Like the shield, this design comprises the iconic elements of the hart and pool motif but in a more traditional football-crest manner.

The design is flexible, meaning the colour can be changed and elements altered to suit different purposes but remains anchored in Hartlepool limestone gold.

The stag and water reflect a cleaner, more modern take on the classic crest, with the stag facing its traditional left to right, and the water suggesting movement and the waves of the North Sea.

It’s expected that the new club Crest will be ready to go for the start of the 2017-18 and the hope is that, over time, everyone can become as connected to the new design as they have to some of the favourites from years gone by.

Voting is open on the final two right now and you can have your say by visiting www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/hufcbadge