Hartlepool United’s Army boot camp ‘the hardest day of my life’ says ex-Sunderland keeper

New Hartlepool goalkeeper Trevor Carson
New Hartlepool goalkeeper Trevor Carson

“The hardest day of my life”.

That was the assessment of Trevor Carson after coming through the Army’s gruelling assault course at Catterick.

I’ve never done anything this hard in my career, ever

Trevor Carson

Carson was part of Hartlepool United’s boot camp at the Marne Barracks in North Yorkshire today.

It was hard with a capital H, but the former Sunderland keeper couldn’t be happier.

Pools are being whipped into shape by the Army’s PT instructors and Carson says the pre-season boot camp has been just what the players needed, not just for the physical exercise but for team bonding.

“I’ve got to know the lads more in one day here than all the first week, so in that sense it’s been brilliant,” the top summer signing told SportMail.

“We’re all in close quarters, everyone’s in it together, there’s been some great banter.

“You can’t do the obstacle course on your own, you need to do it as a team, so it’s good in that aspect.

“I’ve never done anything this hard in my career, ever.

“Yesterday was the hardest working day I’ve ever had in my life.

“All credit to the army lads, we’re just getting a taste of it here.

“They are doing it with bullets flying and their lives on the line.

“It’s taken out of our comfort zone. That (pointing at the 12-foot high beam and 18-foot cargo net) may not look high, but when you are up there they are!

“The 10 foot wall, you can’t get over that on your own, you have to do it as a team.”