Hartlepool United stars come together to make Pools shine

Craig Harrison.
Craig Harrison.

Craig Harrison admits the perfectionist in him means he may never be totally happy with Hartlepool United.

But the Pools boss says that the club’s climb to within two points of the National League play-off places fills him with pride.

You can get factions when things are not going well but that’s not been the case here


Having taken seven matches to claim their first victory, Pools are now a real force going into the FA Cup break.

While still ‘only’ 13th, they can almost touch the top seven in the table.

“I would not say we have totally clicked, I am never completely happy,” explained the 39-year-old.

“Everyone knows the goals and where we’re looking to be [in the league].

“Yes, the start to the season wasn’t what we’d have liked but we haven’t panicked and the lads have stuck together which has been the main thing, especially given all the changes.

“There have been 11 or 12 changes in the summer personnel-wise plus four new members of staff.

“The lads coming together quickly has been great.

“You can get factions when things are not going well but that’s not been the case here.

“We have great characters and men and that’s important.”

Harrison says getting players with the right attitude has been as critical as employing good footballers

“I like to get to know my players as men, not just as footballers,” he said. “I like to know that when I look them in the eye in the dressing room that I can rely on them on the field.

“I need to know that if they don’t play well that it’s not been for the want of trying.”