How Hartlepool United fans reacted to Jake Cassidy ‘negative club’ comments

Striker Jake Cassidy has scored one goal in one game since his return from a loan spell at Maidstone United. (via Shutterpress)
Striker Jake Cassidy has scored one goal in one game since his return from a loan spell at Maidstone United. (via Shutterpress)

Jake Cassidy described Hartlepool United as a ‘negative’ club - but is he right?

In an recent interview with Kent Online, the striker, who rejoined Maidstone on loan earlier this week, said he was weighed down by the ‘poisonous’ atmosphere at the Super 6 Stadium.

His comments attracted a mixed response from Pools supporters.

Here’s how some fans reacted on social media:

Those who disagreed

@welterw888 said: “Aye those negative fans who dug into their own pockets to keep him in a job this time last year.”

@KShipley89 added: “Goes to show that he had to go to 23rd in the table for a game. 5 goal a season striker. And as for the fans, he has a point but when we see a part time striker like Kabamba come in and cover twice as much ground and already score 2/2 it proves many peoples criticisms of them.”

@mhanger331 commented: “Well.. as long as all the players put a shift in and battle to the end, the fans will be positive! Win, lose or draw. But when they don’t that causes the ‘frustration and negativity’ We don’t ask for much really!!

@JamesDaley11 tweeted: “glad he’s out of the club. didn’t care about the fans or the club. good riddance.”

@IAM_STYLO added: his point to an extent - again he’s missing the 10+ years of context. 2 relegations, almost out of business, fans paying wages, & we’ve not see a team with any passion for a decade. The argument could be that if the players played well to start with the fans would never turn

Meanwhile on our Hartlepool Mail Hartlepool United Facebook page, Tony Lupton said: “Aye a lot of those supporters helped pay your wages last year when the club was on the way out and you hardly gave us much back after did ya.”

Yet some fans agreed with the striker’s comments and believed he made some valid points.

On Facebook Andy Hayes said: “Group of old men behind me moan when we pass backwards from kick off... Why would you pay your money to turn up to something you obviously don’t like?  I’d prefer to be stood in the stands on my own than be with a thousand who personally attack ‘their’ team.”

Jimmy Innes added: “Can’t argue with that just need to look on the supporters sites the worst so called fans don’t even go to games”

Brian Minton commented: “Fair comments”

Martin Picken reacted by saying: “Don’t get much opportunities to get to games but the odd time I do its horrendous even laughable... and clueless..”

PaulMcSweenie added: “Crowd is toxic at times, fans get on players back easy at times. Which cause players heads to go down. Ever since IOR has left, club not been very stable, had it’s up and downs and going out of the football league has took a bad effect on fans and expect too much.”