Kelly’s Eye on Pools: Brad Walker is a teen sensation

ENGLAND BOUND: Brad Walker in action against Scunthorpe United. Picture by FRANK REID
ENGLAND BOUND: Brad Walker in action against Scunthorpe United. Picture by FRANK REID

THERE are a few two-word phrases that this columnist can’t bear to see or hear.

“Local derby” is one. As I have mentioned before, there is no such thing – all derbies are local.

Another is “12 noon”. Again, there is only one noon.

I bet you are sat there saying ‘there are two words I can’t bear – “Kelly’s Eye”.

I apologise and I will get a replacement with more talent and less weight (shouldn’t be difficult, I know). Us journalists all have phrases we dislike – one of my friends and colleagues, Gavin Ledwith, has a particular dislike for “teen sensation”.

It stems from former Mail Pools writer Chris Young’s tendency to refer to Jonny Rowell in those terms.

Now, Jonny was not bad, but perhaps teen sensation was pushing the borders a little, as well as pushing the patience of Mr Ledwith, our assistant editor.

Rowell, Kelly’s Eye believes, but don’t quote us on this, moved to Belgium and is doing well for himself on the continent.

Well done Jonny.

But Roy thinks he’s within his rights to refer to Brad Walker as a teen sensation.

The 17-year-old has been picked for an England U18 training camp.

The Billingham-born midfielder will spend Monday and Tuesday of next week at St George’s Park, Burton-on-Trent.

He is far from winning a cap, but simply getting a call-up to go to England HQ is a huge thing.

Walker impressed Colin Cooper and Craig Hignett during pre-season so much that he was one of the first names on the team sheet for the League Two programme.

Cooper referred to Brad’s “technical, tactical, physical and mental capabilities” in yesterday’s SportMail and, after adapting to league football with such comfort, the U18 set-up should not be beyond him.

Walker may have lost his place in the Pools starting XI because of injury, but clearly he has not lost his ability.

Get down to St George’s and do Billingham and Pools proud.