Liam Kennedy: Hartlepool owe their fans straight answers on financial situation

Victoria Park, the home of Hartlepool United Football Club.
Victoria Park, the home of Hartlepool United Football Club.

Administration, liquidation, winding up orders, players sales, unpaid staff and unpaid bills – just some of the things mentioned in the same breath as Hartlepool United in recent weeks.

Talk of financials, from the downright ludicrous to the occasionally truthful, has overtaken what is happening on the pitch.

If there is nothing to hide, speak about it straight

And every fan seems to be a part-time accountant these days.

The reason so much is being said, though, comes down to information. Or, more appropriately, a lack of the concise, consistent type.

On the one hand we have a manager who is telling us, the press, that players must be sold before deals can be done.
Then on the same day we have a chairman on social media saying this’s not the case. Believe who you want.

It may appear transparent to answer fans on Twitter, but Gary Coxall’s approach has only aided in clouding issues.

This is just one example of where mixed messages have leaked out of the club.

Honesty has to be the best policy. Did the players get paid on time? The question was not whether they were paid, like the HMRC bills, but whether it was on time.

Clear answers to questions like this would go someway to healing a disconnect between club and fans which has been evident in recent crowds.

At the end of the day, the town is like a big village anywa. People talk. Nothing can be kept a secret forever.

Tell punters if the club is having difficulties. Surely then the town, us, the media, and the fans would unite behind the cause.

If there is nothing to hide, speak about it straight.

Do it properly. Not in replies online. Speak to your every day punter, through proper mediums.

The fans deserve answers, whatever they may be.

Coxall’s recent statement was a start, but a number of key questions remain.

Only those in the inner circle know the true extent of what is happening at Pools. The rest of us can only deal with rumour and conjecture.