Moore: My management style has changed for the better since arriving at Hartlepool

Manager Ronnie Moore.
Manager Ronnie Moore.

RONNIE Moore admits his spell in charge of Hartlepool United has changed his managerial style – for the better.

The Pools boss insists he wasn’t a ranter or raver until he arrived at the struggling Sky Bet League Two side in December, with Pools propping up the division.

I had never been a ranter or a screamer and I was always nearly good cop, but when I came and saw some of the stuff I couldn’t contain it.

Ronnie Moore

Moore had previously favoured the “good cop” approach to man-management but couldn’t contain his anger at some of the problems crippling the squad.

It has led to the 62-year-old adopting a different approach.

And the players have responded with Pools now just a point off safety ahead of today’s visit of Cambridge.

“I have changed my management style,” reflected Moore. “I had never been a ranter or a screamer and I was always nearly good cop, but when I came and saw some of the stuff I couldn’t contain it.

“For example, we did a possession session when I first arrived and it took 15 minutes to get five passes!

“In the end I was so mad and angry that it came out on the Saturday during the games. Normally, I try to be calm but I was pointing people out – which I have never done before – so that part has changed and probably for the better.

“I was harsh with one or two but the response has been good. If they don’t respond in the way you want then shift them out and bring others in who will.

“Nobody came knocking on my door saying I was out of order, because what I said was true.”

Moore admitted he surprised – and scared – himself after his early rantings but says he has since calmed down given the improvement in results.

He added: “The recent upturn shows they have a bit of character and I didn’t think that when I came in.

“My first home game, I walked into the cabins thinking nobody was in there and yet they were all sat there!

“It shocked me because I thought ‘bloody hell’ there was 18 lads in there not making a sound and you think ‘what is that all about?’

“We had to put music on because nobody would talk. “Even on the bus it was so quiet, they had their headphones on and were playing games against people 5,000 miles away.

“They had to liven up a bit and now it is louder.”

Moore insists his tough love approach is for the benefit of everyone connected with Hartlepool United – especially the players.

He questioned if Pools were to go out of the Football League what would happen to some of his squad members.

“They won’t go to Real Madrid so they have to think about their own futures,” said Moore.

“If we stay in League Two then there will be players that get released but at least they will pick up a club at this level.

“[If we go out the league] the older ones will disappear and the younger ones will have to go through trials for pre-season.

“So let’s get together and make sure the club is safe because a lot of them are still under contract here anyway.”