Pools chairman and chief executive attend successful launch of Hartlepool United Supporters Trust

Victoria Park, home of Hartlepool United
Victoria Park, home of Hartlepool United

The newly-formed Hartlepool United Supporters Trust has successfully launched - with Pools chairman Gary Coxall among the guests.

Pools chief executive Russ Green was also at the event, which was held at the Corner Flag, in Hartlepool.

Pools chairman Gary Coxall

Pools chairman Gary Coxall

The Trust was set-up in March with Hartlepool United becoming the 73rd club in the top four divisions to have a Supporters Trust and, over a series of public meetings, the Trust has gained almost 200 Members in that short space of time.

Backed by the Supporters Direct organisation, its aims include seeking fan representation on the board, to act as a safety net for the future of the club, and to work with the club on specific projects with regards to its supporters.

The night kicked-off with live entertainment from up-and-coming local singers Jordan Grylls and Paul Hart, concluding with Paul’s own Pools Anthem “Poolie Till I Die”.

John McQue, Trust Steering party Spokesman, then outlined the aims before Mr Coxall faced an hour of questions from supporters.

Phil Dunn, from The Trust, said: "It was a really good night. The most vital part of the Trust’s existence is to work alongside the club, and we thought the night would be a good way of bringing the two elements together.

“The chairman Gary Coxall was really impressive; he answered pretty much everything that was thrown at him and I know he has gained much respect and admiration from the fans for doing so.

“In recent years there perhaps hasn’t been an air of openness around the club and this sort of interaction can only help the relationship between the club and fans. It’s all about pulling together now.”

Mr Dunn also revealed the Trust and the club will be working together on the 'Pools Former Players Association.'

“Over the years I’ve spoken to many ex-players who to a man have expressed their interest in getting together more regularly," added Mr Dunn.

“By having the Association in place we can bring players back from various eras and have talk-ins, Nostalgia Nights etc. in order to raise funds.

“Quite a few ex-players ranging from John Gill from the 60’s through to Rob McKinnon in the 90s are already members of the Trust and we aim to get this up-and-running as soon as possible to the mutual benefit of the Trust, the club and the ex-players.”

Membership of the board will rotate, with the first AGM set to be held in February next year, a formal board will be appointed then.

Organisers have stressed that every member has a one share and an equal voice in the trust.

The aims of the Hartlepool United Supporters Trust are:

* To improve communications between the club and it supporters.

* To strengthen the influence of supporters over the running of the club.

* To seek fans representation on the board of the club.

* To work with the club towards a common goal - the future stability and success of Hartlepool United.

* To safeguard the long-term future of Hartlepool United.

For more information visit www.HUFCsupporterstrust.org.uk