Pools Terrace Tweets

WON PRAISE: Steve Howard in action against Fleetwood Town. Picture by FRANK REID
WON PRAISE: Steve Howard in action against Fleetwood Town. Picture by FRANK REID

A SELECTION of our Terrace Tweets

philly chalk ‏@phillychalk

Best performance of the season so far, but still missing the end product. #KeepTheFaith

Paul Keay ‏@paulkeay

100% improvement from last week, didn’t deserve to lose. Duckworth could be a great signing, MOM for me.

ian thornhill ‏@inkypool64

You can play all the pretty football you want but goals win games and we don’t look like scoring mom Steve Howard

Steven Todd ‏@Steven_Toddy

wish people would stop mentioning the Conference, we will score soon, the team are starting to gel, goals and wins will come

neil pearson ‏@hpoolneil

frustration!! Some good football, Duckworth was mom. We need to score or it’s the conference.#sameoldstory

colin pritchard ‏@1972Col

need a striker and quick. Rutherford deserves a chance ahead of Poole, Rodney, Boagy.

Mark Carroll ‏@MARKCARROLL3

Played some lovely football but the same problem remains the answer to our lack of goals doesn’t lie within the current group

Barry Hodge ‏@bazzahpool

we have never replaced Joel Porter!! Got promised a new striker in the next 48 hours last week!! Just not good enough

General Custard ‏@Hooksy_1

some bright play by new boys and @SimonWalton8. - A few too many long ball punts and poor crossing + no #ladyluck with pens

Adam Richardson ‏@squeeky_pidge

plenty of positives and started fantastically. Same old question. Where is this goal going to come from? #Frustration

geoff wilkinson ‏@wilksatwit

find a goal scorer Mr Cooper and we will be fine, don’t and we will be the best footballing side to drop into non league

Paul Parkinson ‏@paul_parkinson

Neat and tidy in the first half. Awful in the 2nd. Good debuts by Duckworth & Dolan but crying out for a proven striker.

David Carless ‏@dcarless77

Great performance through the team, frustrating tho as desperate need of someone to find the net. Positive!

Derek Bilton ‏@Biggravybilton

Poor again don’t look like scoring. Pools making me bi-polar on a Saturday. #sortitoutlads

Jeff Hewitson ‏@Jeff_uey

17 blatant fouls the ref missed against us TYPICAL, Improvement though with the 2 new lads but still don’t look like scoring.

Mike Waggott ‏@mikewaggott

Good start creating chances but not taking them

Kev Taylor ‏@bigkev8501

Played well, didn’t deserve to lose! Howard was unlucky to not score, good to see him getting there. We just need GOALS!

Phil Wanley ‏@wanleyfc

lovely approach play as per but final ball n run lacking. Compton MOM

Michael Garthwaite ‏@mickyga78

decent 1st half poor 2nd half was pleased with Compton and Duckworth’s performance, lacking that cutting edge

Liam Reid ‏@ltreidy67

Encouraging but frustrating. Some good play, chances created but again that cutting edge was missing.

Jordan Richardson ‏@JRichardson_24

Same old story.

Stuart Blackett ‏@stublackett

I can’t see us scoring. Plenty of the ball, but don’t do enough with it