Richard Money backs his young Hartlepool United defenders to come good

Harvey Rodgers is on loan at Hartlepool United from Accrington Stanley.
Harvey Rodgers is on loan at Hartlepool United from Accrington Stanley.

The National League can be an unforgiving place for a young defender learning the trade, according to Richard Money.

But the Hartlepool United boss is backing his youthful backline to come good, even if they have to learn the hard way.

Money fielded teenager Kenton Richardson at right-back, alongside Harvey Rodgers, 22, Mark Kitching, 23, and Myles Anderson, 28.

And while Anderson is the senior one of the bunch, he has not started more than 100 games in his professional career.

Money admits the fifth tier can be a school of hard knocks for any young defender cutting their teeth.

“We have a young back four - young defenders in this league have to grow up really quickly,” said the manager.

“Ninety nine percent of defending is about being in the right place at the right time. If you have to react too many times, you get caught from time to time. That happens at every level, Dejan Lovren suffered that at Liverpool.

“It is about smelling the danger, seeing the danger.

“For young defenders in this league it is unforgiving. It is more a lack of experience of playing senior football at this level.

“Kenton is young. Harvey has a chance of being a good defender but has made some poor decisions. They will learn from it.

“A man who never made a mistake, is a man who never did anything.

“They need to go through it (the mistakes), to learn from it.”