Ronnie Moore’s first task at Hartlepool United will be to have a pop at the players

AT HIS NEW HOME: Hartlepool United manager Ronnie Moore. Picture by FRANK REID
AT HIS NEW HOME: Hartlepool United manager Ronnie Moore. Picture by FRANK REID

RONNIE Moore can’t wait to get started at Hartlepool United – and his first job will be to have a “pop” at the players.

The 61-year-old, positive and polished, breezed through his media interviews this morning at Victoria Park following his appointment late last night.

But Moore said that the real work will start this afternoon on the club’s training ground at Maiden Castle in Durham.

The Scouser plans to be full and frank with the squad before organising an in-house training game to see the players on the pitch.

“We’re in at 12 today,” said the former Tranmere and Rotherham boss.

“You shouldn’t be getting Wednesdays off when you are bottom of the league, should you?

“It’s a day to work, work on the defence because when the team concedes, it looks like it could be three or four.

“We’ve got to get that right.

“We’ll be working morning and afternoon to get that right and then the rest will come [together].”

Moore watched the match at Burton Albion on Saturday, when he made reams of notes.

He was encouraged by 44 of the first 45 minutes and horrified by the entire second half when Pools conceded three times to lose 4-0.

“You have got to be men and not friends,” he explained. “They are frightened of falling out, that’s what I think at this moment in time.

“They need someone to go in and have a right pop at them, which I’ll do today.

“When I’ve done that then we’ll get on with doing the right things.

“I can’t do nothing about what has gone on but I’m certainly going to be trying my hardest.

“What’s gone is gone but the lads can go and put it right on the park.”

Moore and his assistant Sam Collins will put the squad through a practice game this afternoon at Maiden Castle and then again tomorrow.