Ronnie Moore says Hartlepool United season to be roller-coaster

Hartlepool United manager Ronnie Mioore
Hartlepool United manager Ronnie Mioore

Ronnie Moore says patience will be required with Hartlepool United’s squad this season.

The Pools boss insisted he did not get carried away when the side was winning their first four games, nor has he started panicking by a follow-up sequence of four matches with out a victory.

Our lads are going to learn as they go along and they can only get better.


Moore, who took Pools to Wycombe today, says the club and fans must be braced for a roller-coaster ride.

“It’s never easy at this level,” said Moore who has more than 900 games as a manager under his belt.

“But we’ve got to be prepared for a roller-coaster because that’s what it’s going to be like. I never got carried away with us winning at the start of the season.

“It was nice, but no-one got carried away at the club because we know there are going to be highs and lows.

“It will be how we deal with the lows which will be the big thing for us.

“Our lads are going to learn as they go along and they can only get better.

“But it’s about being patient and not expecting the moon.

“Of course, you reach for the stars, but it takes time.

“You can win four, five or six, you know the inconsistent part of it will come. You can then lose the next four, five or whatever.

“It was the same last season and nothing has changed in this division.

“The majority of the teams are the same as last year and that’s how it’s going to be.

“You just have to take it on the chin – we all want to win every game.

“We all want to win and there is nothing greater than that winning feeling.

“But it will be a roller-coaster.”

Moore explained that it will be the big clubs, with the financial muscle to buy better players who will, ultimately, prosper.

“We will get the inconsistency this season and if we didn’t get it, then the players would not be here,” he said.

“If we were winning every game they would not be playing for Hartlepool United at this level.

“It’s all about consistency at this level.

“It’s the least inconsistent who will get promotion.

“Luton have been big hitters who haven’t hit it off yet, but they will and I guarantee they will be top three come May.

“It comes down to what you can buy and where you can buy from. They’ve cut the squad and bought a classier brand of player.

“Portsmouth, Cambridge have done it, they are teams who will be in the top seven and they will be more consistent than others.

“Look at ourselves, Carlisle, Morecambe, Accrington, Dagenham – will all be inconsistent because we haven’t got enough to be consistent.

“You might get lucky. Wycombe have done it last year and have started consistently again this season.

“We’ll just have to wait and see. You just don’t know in football what’s going to happen.”