Sam Collins hopes new scar will frighten forwards this season

Sam Collins
Sam Collins

SAM Collins already boats the grizzly demeanour of your quintessential lower-league centre-half.

Once referred to by Mick Wadsworth as “someone you wouldn’t want knocking on your door after dark”, the 6ft 3ins skipper doesn’t need to work on his fearsome facade.

But Collins believes you’re never too old for a new scar to toughen your exterior and that is why he wasn’t too bothered when he got into a disagreement with a swimming-pool wall over the summer.

The 33-year-old explained: “I was messing about with the kids in the pool.

“I’d borrowed one of their goggles and was swimming along under the water, quite happily.

“I didn’t realise where I was and completely lost my bearings and smashed into the side of the pool.

“I had three big cuts going down the middle of my head and it didn’t look too pretty.

“The kids were laughing their heads off but I didn’t find it too funny at the time.

“But I suppose you need a few scars as a League One defender so I wasn’t complaining in the end.

“If it helps scare a few young centre-forwards next season then it would have been well worth the pain!”

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