'Saying it how it is!': Hartlepool fans react to Liam Kennedy's assessment of Richard Money's short reign

Liam Kennedy offered his verdict on Richard Money's short reign
Liam Kennedy offered his verdict on Richard Money's short reign

There's been plenty to talk about at Hartlepool United this week - and a bizarre turn of events was put under the microscope by the Mail.

Our Pools writer, Liam Kennedy, offered his assessment of Richard Money's 43 day reign - and the switch of roles which saw Craig Hignett take charge - in an in-depth analysis piece.

You can read that piece HERE.

And Hartlepool fans had plenty to say on the popular piece, which captured the imagination across social media.

Here's what supporters had to say on our verdict of events:

Liam Wright said: "This article hit the nail on the head, this club is an absolute mess. Richard money should be ashamed."

Stuart Blackett added: "Some good points in there. Gateshead away was shocking and rightly said was insulting to say otherwise. Young players will be coming to the club. 32 year old signs a few days later. He's got previous at Solihull. Hopefully we do as well as them after he's gone"

Lloyd Thomas tweeted: "nice to see you not siding with the club and saying it how it is"

Chris posted: "Your best article whilst covering Pools. Word for word absolutely spot on."

Jordan Richardson commented: "Agree with this word for word! Hignett had us playing some good football and his recruitment was great back in 2016. I always felt Money was too negative, a bit arrogant and obsessed with Luton/Cambridge comparisons. We need genuine stability now, on and off the pitch."

hallyink added: "the entire Money reign quite succinctly and accurately. I have to admit I feel more positive with Hignett in charge and I fear we were sleepwalking towards relegation with the bald Dave Jones in charge."

Robbie Stelling said: "Smashing article Liam. I think you’re spot on here. Let’s hope Craig can give us the bounce we expected, but didn’t get, when Money came in. Best thing I’ve read about Pools all season."