SIX TAPE SHOCKER! Hartlepool Utd made to watch DVD of 6-2 Port Vale thrashsing

12-08-2014'Port Vale v Hartlepool United''Frustration for Mattew Bates after Vales second
12-08-2014'Port Vale v Hartlepool United''Frustration for Mattew Bates after Vales second

HARTLEPOOL United’s staff and players had to endure their own video nasty as they look to exorcise the demons following the 6-2 defeat to Port Vale in the Capital Cup on Tuesday night.

Boss Colin Cooper made sure there was no sweeping the result under the carpet, and instead got the squad to report, on what would have been a day off, to sit through a DVD of the match.

He explained: “We all came in on Wednesday and watched the Port Vale game from start to finish, which I thought was important.

“It was just to see on the night the things that we did well, and we did, and things which we did that were not great, which were definitely evident.

“All I said on Wednesday was that we leave the ground having watched it, and then washed it out of our system, and then we had yesterday and today to prepare for our home game against Bury.”

While Cooper is keen to move on from the result at Vale Park, he was not prepared to just write it off as one of those things.

And he felt that an in-depth review of the result and performance was the best way to try to make sure there is no repeat.

He added: “I’d like to think everyone has taken the defeat personally.

“I take defeat personally and I said to the lads when they were brought in on Wednesday not to class it as a punishment, but as a learning experience.

“It would be easy to put it down to a bad day at the office, but I don’t think I’d be doing my job as a coach or manager if I didn’t analyse things properly.

“The one thing that we don’t have access to is week by week analysis, to be able to watch yourselves back, to be able to analyse operations.

“Otherwise it’s just me saying what I think and players listening and taking things on board.

“When you actually see it in the cold light of day you actually understand things, and think ‘yeah I did that quite well individually, collectively or I didn’t do that very well at all, so that’s something I want to improve on’.

“Like I say, because we don’t have an analysis department it is still important to try to give feedback, both positive and negative, visually as well as vocally.

“Visually is the most positive feedback because you can actually see it with your own eyes, and it might not be what you thought.

“You might have thought you were absolutely rubbish, and you might have seen something else. You might have thought you were brilliant, and you might have something else.

“The reality is probably somewhere in between, but I think for the lads to sit and go through it, and then have some feedback, which I always encourage because I want players to understand the good things and bad things and try to improve themselves.

“When we left on Wednesday we agreed that some of things that happened on Tuesday night weren’t good enough, and we have to work hard to get ourselves off and running tomorrow.

“Hopefully, confidence and momentum will take over from there

“We had a good discussion watched the video from start to finish, and the general consensus was let’s crack on.”

Cooper hopes his side can now take the opportunity to put that result to bed by claiming a win against Bury tomorrow – Pools’ first home game of the campaign.

The Pools boss said: “I’m pleased we have got a game tomorrow, and I’m certainly looking forward to it.