TERRACE TWEETS: Pools 0 Southend 1

Jack Compton in action against Southend United. Picture by FRANK REID
Jack Compton in action against Southend United. Picture by FRANK REID

HARTLEPOOL United were beaten 1-0 by Southend United at Victoria Park on Saturday.

We asked for your views on the game as part of our #TerraceTweets feature and here’s what you said ...

geoff wilkinson ‏@wilksatwit

Rewind to last season, chances created but no takers, bit early to start to panic but something needed at York next week

ian thornhill ‏@inkypool64

Played pretty good but one small striker up front will not get us goals. Cooper needs to rethink his tactics

Mark Carroll ‏@MARKCARROLL3

Cooper has to use the funds he has to bring in attacking additions as a priority. Sat was Groundhog Day - is this game 50 or 2?

Liam Reid ‏@ltreidy67

New season, same Pools. A defensive error, a lot of huffing and puffing but ultimately never looking like scoring.

Phil Dunn ‏@PhillyDunn

Looked decent going forward in spells, and it was only a single mistake that decided the game. Definitely an improvement.

todd hall ‏@toddhall85

Attacking play really good, Compton & Walker outstanding! 1 mistake cost us but think Holden made up for it after

Ian Wilson ‏@Pooliegan

Didn’t deserve to lose but on the other hand couldn’t break down ten men. Coopers signings look good but need a LB & striker

Catherine McLaughlin ‏@stucath70

There were a lot of positives in the game. Onwards and upwards

Liam Wright ‏@_LiamWright

Will take time, but hopefully we’ll get there! Compton, Walton, Walker and Poole all quality!

SC05TYE ‏@ScottyE09

Daft mistake cost us. Onwards and upwards! Pooley got forward. Compton’s crosses are ideal for big Stevie H #HUFC

Christopher Byers ‏@mrb2001

Nice football until the final third of the pitch, the players are scared to shoot. Not nearly good enough

Graeme S Wheelhouse ‏@WheelhouseGS15m

Looked better than last season, Poole outstanding, Burgess and Baldwin look good - still need Porter type player up front!

John Wakeling ‏@Poolyblue

I admire the team Cooper is trying to build, I just hope the fans have patience and give him the time he needs!

Jordan Richardson ‏@JRichardson_24

Improvement from Rochdale away, just lacked that end product. Should have started Howard with Poole, who was quality!

jayne gardner ‏@jayney1908

Promising signs with some good football. Compton, Burgess & Walker look good. Just need to score & will be ok #terrace tweets

Greg Dunning ‏@gregdunning20

Same old story, nobody in the final third. Looked promising at times. James Poole looked quality hopefully can keep it up