TERRACE TWEETS: Pools fans react to sacking of John Hughes and Micky Barron

Hartlepool boss John Hughes during the defeat at Oldham Athletic
Hartlepool boss John Hughes during the defeat at Oldham Athletic

HARTLEPOOL United fans have been reacting to the news that first-team coach John Hughes and No.2 Micky Barron have been sacked.

Here, we bring you a flavour of what supporters have been saying using our #TerraceTweets hashtag on Twitter.

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Ed the escapee ‏@karenrich66

Not at all unexpected.....new season...new start....onwards and upwards!

Robbie Painter ‏@RobbiePainter

Mistake heaped upon mistake by board in last few years. Club slowly imploding.

Stuart Blackett ‏@stublackett

Feel for John Hughes in a way. Never warmed to the guy though. Barron, well he should have went with Cooper in November

Jeff Hewitson ‏@Jeff_uey

I can understand Micky Barron even though I liked him, but Hughes? If Kavanagh gets the job I won’t be renewing my season ticket

brianminton ‏@pooliebri

Absolute joke of a club

Michael Sweeney ‏@msweeneyuk

Not sure what Hughes did wrong to be fair, club’s a joke at present, releasing only one of the first teamers and now this!

Graeme S Wheelhouse ‏@WheelhouseGS

Not surprised bit shocked and sad for Hughes. Time to boycott the club!

Lee Connor ‏@leeconnor9

Absolute joke. Should have been given a chance. They must have someone in place. #ruthless #joke