Your Tweets on Pools’ defeat at Rochdale

James Poole in action against Rochdale.
James Poole in action against Rochdale.

ian thornhill ‏@inkypool64

Like I said before, same song, different singer. Defence, same mistakes just like last season

Mark Cordiner ‏@MarkTwin90

Still need goal machine, created chances but no finisher. Defence turned too easily for goals and another pen! #disappointing

Barry Hodge ‏@bazzahpool

To have all of what strike force we have starting on the bench is suicide anyway. Ridiculous decisions once more!!

michael carr ‏@michaelcarr81

No striker yet apparently we’re gonna change and now score goals?? Walker being subbed was a terrible decision.

wmorrell ‏@wiktormorrell

Only positive was the good turn out from the fans. Made an average R’dale look good & gave them far too much time on the ball

michael lewis ‏@pooliemike07

Same team with a few kids thrown in, what did any one expect, but playing 1 winger up front, what is that about

neil pearson ‏@hpoolneil

Poor tactics - why didn’t we go for it? James on the bench and Monky up front, come on it’s a farce.

dave fletcher ‏@Fletcherhufc

Looked good 1st half, should’ve had lead at HT. Penalty killed us off, reverted 2 type. #sloppy #NoEndProduct

phil ‏@philruth8

Why do they not play Greg Rutherford, comes on v Pompey last season for 5 mins, scores. Needs a chance..weird

Matthew Smith ‏@smaitthew

No strikers start, 4 on bench, Hartley left back, different manager same old sorry story

Jordan Richardson ‏@JRichardson_24

Hartley & Baldwin, our best CB pairing out of position. Monkhouse is NOT a striker, Collins, Franks, Austin - rubbish!

Barry Hodge ‏@bazzahpool

Monkhouse isn’t a striker!! Poole, James, Rodney all on the bench who are strikers

Daleyyy ‏@JamesDaley11

Yet another poor start, and as for wanting to score goals, where is the logic in playing no striker? #Useless #SameOld

Graeme S Wheelhouse ‏@WheelhouseGS

Howard, James and Poole on the bench. Monkhouse up front alone - wake up Colin!

Adam Eglintine ‏@poolie123

Playing players out of position, not starting a known striker, taking our best player off that’s just a few of my thoughts

Mike Waggott ‏@mikewaggott

Better side until 3rd went in but last season’s frailties shining through once again, we missed too many good chances!

geoff wilkinson ‏@wilksatwit

Not the start we hoped for, shouldn’t be losing 3-0 at Rochdale, can we have a game with forwards please

SC05TYE ‏@ScottyE09

Sam Collins has past it now. Not interested and too slow, outpaced on 3rd goal. Hartley had a mare, sort it out lads!

Mark Carroll ‏@MARKCARROLL3

New Season, new division but same old failings and the same players, some of whom don’t even look League Two standard.

Paul ‏@PaulHUFC

Same old story, no-one to finish. Hartley poor at left back and Collins too slow at centre back

philly chalk ‏@phillychalk

Cannot believe Cooper didn’t play a striker in the starting 11.

Phil Wanley ‏@wanleyfc

Team selection was terrible. Hartley abysmal. Missing chances as per will cost us

Trevor Mason ‏@USAMonkey72

It’s early days but it was almost like last season never ended with the same mistakes.... Missed chances and defensive errors


*** Jack Baldwin

** Christian Burgess

* Brad Walker