Hartlepool United caretaker manager Antony Sweeney remaining tight-lipped over permanent position with meetings expected

Caretaker manager Antony Sweeney is open to talks regarding the permanent position at Hartlepool United but isn’t expecting a decision just yet.

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 10:46 am
Hartlepool United caretaker manager Antony Sweeney.

Sweeney has been keeping the manager’s seat warm very successfully for the best part of three weeks as he looks to maintain his 100% winning start at Notts County on Saturday (3pm kick-off).

The 36-year-old has impressed the Hartlepool board and players with his conduct since taking on first team duties following Craig Hignett’s surprise dismissal.

And the perfect response from the side has seen the Pools legend emerge as a prime candidate for the permanent position.

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Hartlepool United caretaker manager Antony Sweeney.

When asked what his response would be to taking the manager’s job full-time, Sweeney responded: “I think it’s a conversation for a week or two down the line.

“I’ve said that I’m learning all the time, even last week we had to reorganise training because there’s a cross country event on and we couldn’t get on the pitches.

“Then there’s little things in the game with team selections, formations and substitutions, every little thing throws up a different thing and you learn something new about yourself and being a manager as well.

“So whatever happens over the next couple of weeks I’ll be a better person for it.”

A decision is expected to be made within the next fortnight and Sweeney maintains that the players can have a big role when it comes to managerial decisions.

“As players, sometimes you’re in your own little bubble and you don’t realise the consequences of your performances or results,” Sweeney added.

“You can always say ‘we’re not far off’ and ‘it’s a long season’ but until you actually start putting that into practice and getting consistent results, you’re always vulnerable to a change – usually in management.

“If I could give any advice to the players it’s that they’ve got to be bang on it every week and really perform to your maximum and not to take anything for granted.

“That’s not to say the players have done that but it’s something that moving forward, if they do enjoy the management and the coaching then they’ve got to put in the performances and get results to back that up.”