Middlesbrough fans offer divided views on Jonathan Woodgate after Sheffield Wednesday defeat

Jonathan Woodgate called the performance ‘unacceptable’ and many Middlesbrough fans were quick to vent their frustration following Saturday’s 4-1 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday at the Riverside.

Sunday, 29th September 2019, 11:30 am
Middlesbrough head coach Jonathan Woodgate.
Middlesbrough head coach Jonathan Woodgate.

The result saw Boro drop to 18th in the Championship, with just two wins from nine league games, and Woodgate called for a quick reaction from his players ahead of Tuesday’s home clash against Preston.

But while some supporters questioned the tactics and appointment of Boro’s new head coach, others believe the blame lies elsewhere.

Here’s how some Boro fans reacted on social media after the game.

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@LiamMDrake: Woodgate has to be held entirely accountable for the farcical set up on the pitch. Wednesday played through us with minimal resistance (we’ve been lied to about the ‘press’)All 4 first half goals were due to an inability to set up the team and, were all avoidable.

@Smithy_MFC84: Are we really going to be one of those fan bases that call for a managers head after NINE games.

Today was tragic, I get that, and the season up to now has hardly been sparkling, but what were we expecting?

@neilcooke_: Feel bad on Woodgate, players that left the club in the summer were replaced with players that had nothing but League 1 experience. Think most managers would be struggling in that situation

@iRussJ: We were awful today. We clearly lack quality but there is absolutely no excuse for not putting a shift in. If you can’t outplay a team at least try to outbattle them; sadly we showed no desire and were second to nearly every ball and lost nearly every battle. Poor

@smoggiec: There are players in that squad who weren't signed by Woody or his team & shouldn't be anywhere near a Boro shirt.

No investment in the summer & didn't get rid of the dead wood. Pep Guardiola couldn't get these players working together.

@smoggyontour86: Is Woodgate really a human shield for Gibson. I don’t believe that, Woodgate has talked the talk, his team isn’t performing that’s his part, Gibson should never of give Woodgate job that’s on him. Can see club getting sold within the next 10 year.

@JonnyBullock1: Feel for Woodgate got a tough job ahead and too many yes men around!

@1974clemo: Managers/head coaches are judged on results not where they live, woody cud be from timbuck 2, if he doesn't get the results then his job ain't safe, will fans still accept ' I live in #boro, am a local lad ' if we get relegated

@KwoshDj: Worst performance in years. But there are no options to change things. Limited training ground knowledge, no money in the club. So what will the season bring? Senior players way beyond there best, but always first on the team sheet

@umpus1974: Ok, I get that this is a season of transition, the beginning of a new chapter, new coaching team etc. I can accept defeat if we show an ounce of passion, but today was unacceptable. As a team, we look lost, totally unbalanced, lacking in passion. Going to be a long hard season.

@Dave75749242: Woodgate has a tough job whatever team he pics Poor squad

@Jamo39: If today’s result was under Pulis it would be twitter meltdown. But because it’s Woodgate it’s everyone feeling sorry for him because he’s from boro.