Liverpool target Ben Gibson is wanted at Middlesbrough by new boss Garry Monk

England's Ben Gibson.
England's Ben Gibson.

Garry Monk is keen to sort out the future of Ben Gibson.

Aside from the identity of Middlesbrough’s new boss, now of course resolved, the potential departure of defender Gibson has been the other big talking point.

I’ve watched him over the last couple of seasons and I’m well aware of what he can bring to the team


Monk had barely put his feet under the table sat Rockliffe before being asked about the 24-year-old local-lad-made good.

It is understood that Liverpool are interested in signing in what could be a lucrative deal for Boro, not to mention the player.

But Monk is in no rush to sell the club’s prize asset.

“Ben is obviously a big focal point for this club and for the team,” said Monk, who addressed the press at a media conference yesterday.

“I’ve watched him over the last couple of seasons and I’m well aware of him and what he can bring to the team and this club.

“It will be when I manage to meet the players and sit with them and go through everything [that those things are discussed].

“Of course Ben is an integral part of this club, and an integral part of what’s happening here.

“It’s important that you keep your best players and important you’re able to keep a core together and give yourself the best possible opportunity of reaching the club’s ambition, which is to go back to the Premier League.

“Ben is a big part of that.

“Of course discussions will happen with the club, and discussions with players, but I’ve literally just come here now and the players are not back in yet.”

Monk is keen to meet the squad to share his vision.

“It’s my job to sit with them and show them the way forward and how we are going to do things,” he explained.

“But the club are in full control of their own destiny and what they want to do. It’s important that we keep our best players and the club are in agreement with that.”