Middlesbrough fan ‘loves to watch Big Brother, likes Gabby Logan and enjoys egg and chips’

Typical Middlesbrough supporter according to YouGov.
Typical Middlesbrough supporter according to YouGov.

SEARED scallops and pate may not be the usual food choice of Middlesbrough supporters at the Riverside but that is what they enjoy eating according to a new poll.

Boro fans also enjoy egg and chips, are more likely to keep a fish as a pet, and enjoy horse racing and boxing as well as their favourite football team.

Middlesbrough fans celebrating. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.

Middlesbrough fans celebrating. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.

It has all been revealed in a new poll by market research firm YouGov.

They have launched a new service which provides profiles based on a huge database of preferences expressed by members of the public - including 199 Boro fans that took part.

Outlining different factors, the poll shows everything from the demographics of their fan-base, their personality, their most likely profession, what their personality is like and even what brands they prefer.

And the results are revealing:


A typical Boro fan is a man aged between 40-59

Top Profession - Mining and Quarrying


A Boro fans favourite dish is beans, eggs and chips, Chicken Tikka or seared scallops while pate also featured highly.

Favourite sports - Football, Horse Racing, Boxing

Most likely pet is a fish.

General interests include UK news, politics, cars and motoring.


Boro fans are big fans of The Football League Championship, BBC Sport and randomly Lurpak butter.

They shop at Aldi and their most likely car is a Volkswagen.

Favoured clothing brands include Urban Outfitters, Lacoste and Levi’s


Favourite music artists include Kevin Bloody Wilson, Scorpions and American sensation Taylor Swift while Big Brother is a favourite television show and The Bodyguard is the top movie.

Top Twitter follows include @rickygervais @MarkCavendish

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