ONSIDE: Danny Graham bid shows Boro ambition

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WHEN the kettle boiled in the office and I started tapping away on the keyboard this morning I completely expected to clobber up 400 words on why - despite his woeful injury record - the Kieron Dyer signing wouldn’t be a bad bit of business for the Boro.

That was until my poached egg on toast was interrupted this morning by a yellow bar, rolling slowly across the bottom of my television screen.

For Sky Sports’ David Craig, sent to Sunderland ahead of the inevitable signing of their January-long hit-man target Danny Graham, was the sudden realisation that he may have stayed on the A19 too long.

8.30am: Middlesbrough agree a deal with Swansea for Danny Graham.

8.45am: The deal is reported to be £5m (queue Teesside-wide gasps of ‘where did that money come from?’ - which is a valid point).

9.30am: Marvin Emnes could be packing bags and heading to Wales as part of the deal.

10am: Graham’s agent rules out a move to the Boro.

And that trend, complete with twists and turns nobody can imagine, will continue throughout today.

Love it or hate it - and as per in January, this window has been an opportunity for its many detractors to speak out - deadline day manages to throw spanners in works which seemed nailed on.

IF, and the capital letters are required, the Boro manage to pull off the deal for the former targetman, it would be an outstanding signing.

He would be a battering ram and goalscorer on the field, and a pulse-racing addition for the fans.

While Leicester have added Chris Wood and Cardiff Frazier Campbell, Graham would undoubtedly dwarf both.

In all honesty, it remains unlikely.

Martin O’Neil seems to be a man who is partial to a chase, take Stephen Fletcher’s long, arduous yet inevitable move in the summer.

The Mackems will feel robbed if they lose out, especially to a team in the league below.

But regardless of what happens today, the Boro have showed that the days of big-money signings and late-window drama leaving Holgate-enders wiping their tired eyes and racing for caffeine on February 1 may not be over.

And just for the record, even though he hasn’t put pen to paper yet, there’s no harm done with the Dyer deal.

It breaks the Mogga transfer mould. It was just as shocking at first glance as the Graham deal, but if, as it will be, it’s pay-as-you-play, we can’t lose out.

Meanwhile, red-card-mad Barry Robson is about to wave his arms angrily in League 1.

Boro followers were split as to whether we should get him back.

But even those who were in the ‘no-way camp’ will acknowledge he is a far better player than a step down to the third tier.

Other Championship clubs have missed out.

- Dominic Shaw