What Middlesbrough fans made of Jonathan Woodgate's post-match Leeds United comments

Middlesbrough boss Jonathan Woodgate was full of praise for his former club Leeds United – despite losing 4-0 to the Whites on Saturday.

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 5:01 pm
Middlesbrough head coach Jonathan Woodgate.
Middlesbrough head coach Jonathan Woodgate.

The former defender remains a popular figure at Elland Road and received a warm reception from the home fans on his return.

During the game the Boro boss didn’t react to chants of ‘Woodgate give us a wave’, yet he did acknowledge the Leeds supporters in his post-match press conference.

When asked what he thought of the reception he received, Woodgate replied: “Unbelievable, obviously I couldn’t clap them at the time, we were getting beat.

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“They are a top team and a top club and I wish them all the best and hope they get in the Premier League because if Leeds United get in the Premier League it will be some train to get on. It will only go one way.

“I’ve been there with Leeds United and it’s an incredible, incredible club.”

But while Woodgate’s comments pleased many Leeds supporters, Boro fans weren’t so impressed.

Here’s how some reacted on social media:

@Smithy_MFC84: I really like JW. He means well, he loves The #Boro and I genuinely feel for him given the current situation.

However… His Leeds remarks were ill advised, a further display of his all round inexperience.

@Boro_Brick_Road: I’m not Woodgate’s biggest fan, but really don’t care about his comments on Leeds 1. He played for them as a kid 2. Footballers play for many clubs 3. Leeds aren’t a rival, just another Yorkshire club like Barnsley or Sheffield Wed 4. It’s not a derby

@teessidetom1986: Don't really think Woodgate should be praising Leeds so highly after they've just beat your team 4 nil.

@davidgibb45: They didn’t offend me. Leeds are not a local rival. He started there so likely to have an affection

@EojSewob: Lot of talk bout Woodgate's interview after Leeds. Personally have no problem with it. He was asked a question & answered it. I do have e a problem with him bringing on a CM coin moving a RB to CM and a CM to RB in order to move another CM to LB, when we had 2 LBs on the bench.

@NickBeall73: Another excruciating interview!! It’s just getting embarrassing now.

@p_mards: How do you think Woodgate’s interview after the Leeds game will ha e went down with Gibson?. It has irked a lot of Boro fans. It’s certainly naive at best by him

@markdavies67: It’s actually very sad that he’s so far out of his depth