Jonas Gutierrez looking to stay at Newcastle – but he ‘won’t forgive’ club his treatment

INSPIRATION ... Jonas Gutierrez.
INSPIRATION ... Jonas Gutierrez.
  • Gutierrez gives in-depth interview on his cancer battle
  • Winger says he ‘won’t forgive’ United for his treatment
  • But 31-year-old still wants to stay at St James’s Park
  • Gutierrez thanks fans on Twitter for ‘love and support

JONAS Gutierrez insists he wants to stay at Newcastle United – despite saying he “won’t forgive” the club for the way he was treated during his battle with cancer.

The Argentinian midfielder has made an inspiring comeback to the first team after being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2013.

But Gutierrez – who today thanked the club’s fans for their “support and love” on Twitter – is still angry and bitter about the way his career was handled by the Newcastle hierarchy and then-boss Alan Pardew after undergoing surgery.

Gutierrez is out of contract in the summer, and has a clause in his current deal that will trigger a one-year extension if he plays a certain amount of games.

In an in-depth interview, given to Canal+, Magpies midfielder Gutierrez detailed everything that has happened to him.

He said: “It was the last game of the 2013 season. I had a clash with Bacary Sagna, the Arsenal defender.

DECISION ... Alan Pardew.

DECISION ... Alan Pardew.

“From then on, I started having pain in a testicle. The doctor said he couldn’t see anything wrong, that he could see everything was normal, but if I continued to experience discomfort then I should tell him.

“I then went away on holiday, and the pain persisted. When I returned from my holiday, I mentioned to the doctor that the pain persisted.

“He said that I should remain calm, that he couldn’t see anything weird, but in the following weeks I had considerable swelling, for which I went back to the doctor.

“I said I could see something wasn’t going well, and that’s when he decides to carry out further analysis. So they performed an ultrasound scan.

I know the situation here isn’t the easiest, but I’m going to fight to remain here.

Jonas Gutierrez

“I went home and two or three hours later the club’s doctor called me and said ‘look, we have to go and see a specialist’, and then I feared the worst – that something wasn’t going well.

“Then when we go to the specialist. He sat me down, along with the club’s doctor, and said ‘look, what you have is a tumour’ and they wanted to operate on me the next day.

“I never thought it could happen to me, but well, nobody is exempt from these things.

“It could happen to anyone, but at the time it was a shock.

“From then on I had in my head to be able to overcome it and to be OK again and play football again.

“I was operated on in Argentina. They removed the testicle. It was a seminoma, then they blocked everything so it couldn’t do metastasis anywhere.

“The post-surgery studies were good and well, I went back to England after being discharged.”

Gutierrez, however, was told to find another club by Pardew on his return to the club.

He said: “I returned mid-November, and at the beginning to mid-December the manager said I should find myself another club.

“It is clear that they look after the club’s interests, but I think in a situation like that, you need to (consider) other things, even more if you see I had been playing for five years before having this problem, I was always playing.”

Gutierrez was loaned to Norwich, then managed by ex-United boss Chris Hughton.

The 31-year-old went on to have chemotherapy in Argentina last year after cancer returned to his body.

He was given the-all clear in November and returned to Newcastle the following month.

Gutierrez said: “I won’t be able to forgive the way I’ve been treated.

“I don’t think it was the right time nor the circumstances. I think at times like that, you should look after the individual.”

Gutierrez, however, still wants to stay at St James’s Park beyond the end of the season.

He said: “I know the situation here isn’t the easiest, but I’m going to fight to remain here.

“Time will tell. Without doubt one, after a problem like I had, sees things from a different perspective and the order of priorities changes.

“But it’s also difficult to get other people to understand, because for everyone their own troubles are more important, aren’t they?

“I think the most important thing is health, health and happiness.

“Sometimes we get into a lot of trouble for things that really aren’t significant.”