Newcastle United fan ‘loves eating rice pudding, Greggs, shopping at Morrisons and listening to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’

Typical Newcastle United supporter according to YouGov.
Typical Newcastle United supporter according to YouGov.

NEWCASTLE United fans love nothing more than to eat rice pudding, watch football and wrestling and listen to Geordie star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, a new study has revealed.

The YouGov study polled a total of 904 Toon fans to reveal what makes Newcastle supporters tick.

Newcastle United fans at St James's Park.

Newcastle United fans at St James's Park.

It probably isn’t common knowledge that the average Newcastle fan has a hankering for rice pudding but it won’t surprise anyone to see Greggs polling high when it comes to providing savoury and sweet snacks.

A Newcastle fans most likely pet is a dog, while they have a fondness for Adidas clothing and shopping at Morrisons.

Market research firm YouGov has launched the new service that provides profiles based on a huge database of preferences expressed by members of the public.

Outlining different factors, the poll shows everything from the demographics of their fan-base, their personality, their most likely profession, what their personality is like and even what brands they prefer.

And the results are revealing.


Typically, a male aged between 25-39

Top Profession - Government & Civil Service

Top Regions of support - The North East, The Borders and North Yorkshire


Favourite dishes - Rice Pudding, Scotch Broth and Spaghetti Vongole

Favourite Sports - Football, Golf and Wrestling

Most Likely Pet - Dog

General Interests - watching television, video games and movies while other interests include creative writing, driving and doing jigsaw puzzles.


Personality wise, Newcastle fans describe themselves as good listeners, good company and sensible but admit they are prone to being grumpy at times - although that probably depends on results.


A typical Newcastle fan is a customer of Greggs, while they also enjoy Highland Spring and Irn Bru

They shop at Morrisons and their most likely car is an Audi

Clothing Brands - Fenwicks, Adidas and M&Co


Favourite Music Artist - Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Top Twitter follows - @Joey7Barton @antanddec

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