Newcastle United story will end in tears predicts Graeme Souness


FORMER Newcastle United manager Graeme Souness has predicted Joe Kinnear’s return to Tyneside will “end up in tears”.

Souness also described the appointment of Kinnear as director of football as a “vote of no confidence” from owner Mike Ashley in manager Alan Pardew.

Kinnear – who spent a short spell in charge at Newcastle in the relegation season of 2008-09 – is the senior executive in charge of all football matters, with Pardew and chief scout Graham Carr reporting directly to him.

It is understood Pardew will stay at St James’s Park, but Souness – who was in charge of the Magpies between 2004 and 2006 – does not expect the new arrangement to work.

“I think it puts Alan Pardew in a very difficult situation,” he said in an interview on talkSPORT.

“I know as a manager I wouldn’t want to be reading or hearing that someone is coming in to make all the footballing decisions for me.

“As a manager you are obviously paid well, your neck is on the line and then someone else is going to be making all the big decisions at the club.

“I wouldn’t accept it and I don’t think Alan Pardew will.

“I think it will end up in tears for someone.”

During his career in football, Souness has worked in Italy, Turkey and Portugal, where directors of football are common.

They have been less successful in England, and while the Scot believes the role can work in the Premier League, he can’t see Kinnear’s appointment proving fruitful.

He added: “In this instance you are talking about someone [Pardew] who has had the power and it has been taken away from him.

“I think if that had been in the job description when he signed his contract he could accept that but in this instance where he has had the power to decide who comes and who leaves and then it is going to be taken from you – that is a vote of no confidence.

“I think that is someone saying ‘Look, we are not happy with the way you are doing your job’ and as a manager I would find it very hard to accept that situation.

“This will not go down well with Alan Pardew, I can assure you.”