Stranton FC aim to produce magnificent seven

Stranton U7 football team.
Stranton U7 football team.

STRANTON FC are looking to a new generation of budding footballers after entering an under-seven side in the Teesside Junior Alliance League.

Simon Mincher is the club secretary and treasurer and he is excited about the new prospects coming through the club.

He said: “We have a good foundation and we are looking forward to the new season.

“This team has been in the pipeline since June last year and now we are seeing people on the training pitch and taking part.

“It is good to see that young boys and girls are interested in playing and we have around 18 people coming with great support from parents.

“At this age it is all about getting involved and enjoying playing football.

“We are not looking at producing superstars at the minute but obviously it would be nice to see the teams progress and become successful.

“We do have a good side in the under-13 league and now it is a case of starting again and hopefully getting more teams involved.”

With the help of funding from the Tees Valley Community Foundation the club were able to purchase £4,000-worth of new equipment, and Simon is delighted to have such support.

He added: “This was a massive stepping stone for the club.

“We are so thankful to the organisation for helping us and getting involved.

“Not only has this foundation come forward to help us out but the Co-op Funeral Service will be the team’s main sponsor on the brand new strips that they helped provide.

“New goals and training equipment has also been provided with the money raised by events held by the club and this is just the start for the team.

“Susan Sanderson has taken over as the youngsters manager and the committee is fully behind the new team.

“We already have a working committee in place which does things properly.

“Now we have a wait on our hands but the summer will fly over and we will be in the season before we know it.”