Adam Johnson: Leaving Man City for Sunderland was the right decision


ADAM Johnson says his decision to join Sunderland was made with his head AND his heart.

In his first interview since joining the club last Friday, the ex-Manchester City man admitted that it had been a difficult choice, in settling on where he would go after leaving the Premier League champions with the likes of Spurs and Liverpool showing interest.

But eventually he decided that Sunderland was the best move for him both professionally and personally.

He said: “When you’ve been at a club like City, the champions, with all those world class players, it’s a difficult decision in terms of deciding you have to go.

“And then after that it’s a difficult decision deciding where you’re going to go to.

“I had a lot of thinking to do.

“I just felt I had to leave City for myself, because I wanted to go somewhere where I could play week in and week out and enjoy myself.

“There were a lot of clubs in for me but the manager was a big influence on me, I could also get to see my family.

“But quite honestly there was a lot of things that swayed my decision, a lot of things behind the scenes that came into it.”

Though coming back home was an attraction, Johnson said his family of Sunderland fans did not put pressure on him to join for their sake.

“My family would have supported me whatever club I was playing for,” he pointed out.

“They didn’t push me to come here.

“It was left entirely to myself and I sat down and had a think about what was best.”