No more tweets for seven years O’Neill tells Sunderland star McClean

NO MORE RANTS:  James McClean
NO MORE RANTS: James McClean

MARTIN O’NEILL wants James McClean to let his feet do the talking rather than his fingers.

O’Neill was upset with McClean after the winger’s Twitter rant against Republic of Ireland boss Giovanni Trapattoni.

The Sunderland manager now wants to see the 23-year-old concentrate on his form with the Black Cats.

“This time last year, James wasn’t in consideration for anything,” O’Neill said.

“It’s been a great rise and now he just has to settle down, which I think he will do.

“Somewhere along the way, he has to get into his head that the whole tweeting thing is public now.

“It’s not as if he’s talking to a couple of friends in private. He’s speaking out publicly.

“He should realise that now because he’s tweeted a number of things over a period of time that has got everybody up in arms.

“The only person who doesn’t seem to be upset about it is himself.

“If it happens to you once, there’s an excuse. If it happens to you twice, you have to consider it.

“If it’s a third time around, then you’ve really got to ask yourself a few questions.

“He’s stopped the tweeting now, although we don’t know for how long – we’re hoping seven years!”