Sunderland boss rates Arsenal’s Ozil

SIGNING ... Ozil.
SIGNING ... Ozil.

PAOLO Di Canio has been quick to acknowledge the brilliance of Arsenal’s £43m man Mesut Ozil.

The former Real Madrid playmaker and one of the Premier League’s most expensive ever signings, is set to make his debut in English football at the Stadium of Light tomorrow when the Gunners look to build on a solid start to the season.

But Di Canio says regardless of the German star’s ability, it is wrong to assume his inclusion will instantly turn the Londoners into world-beaters.

He said: “Mesut Ozil is a a very good player, world class and he is a great signing for Arsenal.

“But he has only just signed and will have had only one training session with Arsenal before our game.

“World class players will settle into a side more quickly than other players but it still takes time.

Di Canio says that far from worrying about one player, Sunderland have to be aware of the danger a team like Arsenal presents as a whole.

“Ozil is a very talented player, but Arsenal have many of them,” he said.

“Their team play the way they have for 10 years and they do it because it has been successful for them.

“They love to hold on to the ball.

“Sometimes they occupy the opposition half and continually attack,, sometimes they sit in their own and look to counterattack incredibly quickly.

“They can do as they please because they have so much talent and options.

“It means we have to be very careful, it means that we have to be very disciplined in what we do.

“We will not under-estimate Arsenal but we are at home and we will look to get the one point or the three points that we can be proud of, that will really benefit our season.

“I want us to win but the first thing I will look at is how we perform. It is important to all of us that we play well.”