Sunderland chairman quick to rubbish Gyan rumours

Niall Quinn
Niall Quinn

NIALL Quinn was quick to endorse SportMail’s story yesterday which rubbished claims the club had circulated Asamoah Gyan’s name for transfer.

One national newspaper insisted that Gyan’s name had been emailed to the Premier League’s leading sides alerting them to his availability and the club’s readiness to sell their £13m record signing.

The story flashed across the world with news sources picking it up and running with it on the internet.

SportMail was the first to tell supporters the story was unfounded and within minutes the club chairman was confirming that fact.

“The suggestion that we have spoken to an agent to sell this player on our behalf is embarrassing to all concerned,” said Quinn.

“I’m sorry that our fans have to read the endless speculation that appears in the press at this time of year.

“Normally we don’t comment on any of it as there’s so much.

“For instance, we’ve been linked to over 40 players in the last month or so alone.

“But I hope our fans would be smart enough to realise that this is probably some other club or outside agent’s way of attempting to destabilise our relationship with one of our players.”