Sunderland not expected to appeal against £100,000 FA fine

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SUNDERLAND are not expected to appeal against a £100,000 fine handed out for breaching regulations governing football agents.

The Black Cats have been hammered with the six figure punishment after admitting their guilt at a Premier League hearing relating to football agent Abu Mahfuz, whos has been given a two-year ban.

The club conceded it had made a technical breach of the regulations at a hearing held in London into the activities of Mahfuz, a minor level football agent.

Mahfuz will be banned for the next six months with the other 18 months of his ban suspended for his part in a rules breach, details of which have not been released.

The Football Association said in a statement: “Following an independent regulatory commission hearing, Sunderland have been fined £100,000 and warned as to their future conduct after the club admitted breaching the FA’s football agents’ regulations.

“In relation to the same matter, Abu Mahfuz has had his agent licence suspended for two years with six months to be served starting from May 21 2014.

“The remaining 18 months is to be suspended and will be invoked upon a proven breach of the FA’s agents’ regulations during that period.

“Mr Mahfuz, who was also fined £500 and warned as to his future conduct, had denied breaching the FA’s football agents regulations, however, the charge was found proven following an independent regulatory commission hearing.

“The above sanctions are subject to any appeal.”

Mahfuz is listed by the FA on its website as an independent FA licensed agent.