Sunderland’s Ellis Short predicts a top 10 Premier League future

ELLIS Short’s vision of the future is a world where Sunderland are not only a permanent fixture in the Premier League but a side continually battling away at the right end of the division.

The American was outlining his hopes for the club he owns in what was only his second public appearance since buying the club outright in 2008.

And he believes that the backing of Sunderland’s full support is absolutely crucial to taking the club to the next level.

Echoing Niall Quinn’s calls for supporters to ensure the stadium continues to attract big crowds, he said: “I’ve been surprised that attendances have been down while we’ve been doing better.

“And I’ve been worried that perhaps with my financial support that supporters didn’t feel it was important for them to support the club anymore.

“But nothing could be further from the truth.”

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