Sunderland will get back to basics and re-build with David Moyes, Martin Bain and fans

Sunderland boss David Moyes
Sunderland boss David Moyes

Sunderland will be getting “back to basics” as the club undergoes a major “rebuilding” programme.

That was the message from chief executive, Martin Bain, who plans to take the Black Cats forward with boss David Moyes, in alliance with the team’s “fantastic” supporters.

Sunderland is a club that has to be synonymous with its North East identity, the fans want that from their club


Sunderland might be rooted to the foot of the Premier League table but Bain, appointed by owner Ellis Short in the summer, is determined to lead a revival on Wearside.

And that revival will have Moyes at the helm with the CEO saying that the 53-year-old Scot is the ideal man for the club.

“David is probably one of the top four most experienced managers in the Premier League in terms of the number of games he has managed,” Bain said when asked why they close Moyes.

“Fundamentally, that experience, coupled with David’s longer-term approach to life.

“He’s a builder.

“He’s a guy who absolutely understands the need to win, first and foremost, but he also understands the job he’s come to do and the one I’ve come in to do, and that’s build, almost rebuild.

“That’s not meant to be disingenuous to anyone or anything that’s been before me but I think it’s apparent to everyone that we have a journey to embark upon here.

“We can’t change the past, but we can certainly change the future. We have to now look forward.

“From both our perspectives it’s very much about re-building.

“Fundamentally, the biggest message I’d like to get across to those who work here and to our fans is that we want to get back to basics.

“Sunderland is a club that has to be synonymous with its North East identity, the fans want that from their club.

“Without being disparaging to anything that’s gone before, it’s probably lost its identity, it’s maybe tried to be something that it’s not so now it’s a case of let’s do the basics correctly, build and then take a more longer term approach.”

And, speaking in an interview on, Bain added that the supporters have a vital role to play.

“Passion is the best word I can use, the club has an unbelievable fan base,” said the former Rangers chief executive. “I’ve felt their desire to win.

“Just look at Saturday’s game [at Stoke],our supporters were fantastic. It wasn’t a great game to watch and we were cruising to defeat unfortunately, but they were there with us and with the manager to the end.

“Together, If we can show this is a re-buiding plan, the fans will stick with the club.

“They’ve had a lot of suffering in recent years but I genuinely believe there is a real desire we can achieve things together.”