Golfer Storm on his Open collapse

Graeme Storm.
Graeme Storm.

EVEN now, six months on from the 18th-hole collapse which robbed Graeme Storm of a place in the final two rounds of The Open, anger and regret reside.

“I could have snapped every club in my bag, I didn’t want to see them ever again,” he says without a moment’s hesitation, recalling the agony of a double bogey which knocked him one shot below the cut line.

It is not a memory for which he has to dig deep, the irritation lingers just beneath the surface.

“It was devastating because I’d played great,” says the man who had led the field during the opening hours at the illustrious Royal St George’s in July.

“It came to it just being one person who knocked me out and I had to sit and wait all night.

“The whole thing was just a complete nightmare.

“If you make the cut you earn £10,000 and that was disappointing – but it’s also your pride and the prestige of playing in all four rounds of The Open.”

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