Hartlepool Burn Road Harrier Keith Hutchinson records top 20 fastest 400m in UK for Vet 35-39 this year

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Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers have been working hard at various track and field events over the last couple of weeks.

The fourth fixture of the North Yorkshire South Durham League took place at Middlesbrough.

Keith Hutchinson won the 400m race in 53:1, with new member Luke Allan dipping the minute barrier to cross the line in 59:7.

Vet55 runner Carl Marchant had a cracking run to finish in 68.6.

Keith Hutchinson set himself a new personal best in the 100m, with an amazing time of 11.8, especially as Keith did a standing start whilst all his competitors used their starting blocks.

There’s time to come off this yet as Keith is relatively new to track sprinting and is now looking to master the art of using starting blocks for his next race at the final fixture in the NYSD series next week.

Luke Allan also impressed with a quick 12.5 seconds 100m run.

Jack Hutton opted for the longer 3000m race, still requiring the fast twitch muscles to be fully engaged, but more of an endurance event on the track.

He finished in 10 minutes 28 seconds, a new best time for the distance, but it wasn’t to last long.

Two weeks later the men raced at the fifth NYSD track and field fixture at Darlington.

In the 3,000m event Lee Kitching pulled out all the stops for a brilliant time of 10:06.

Jack Hutton knocked a good chunk off his Middlesbrough time, setting a new best of 10:15.

Keith and Luke took their places on the start line of the 200m, Keith racing round in 24.1 and Luke in 25.8.

Not having much time to recover between races, they then took on the 400m one lap race, with Keith crossing the line in 52.8 and Luke in 57.5, Luke knocking over two seconds off his time from the previous fortnight.

Keith’s time at Darlington is the 19th fastest time in the whole of the UK for a Vet 35-39 runner over the 400m distance this year.

This includes all GB athletes and this year’s record is held by Conrad Williams, who was previously coached by Linford Christie.

Keith has a great talent for sprinting and we are looking forward to seeing him rise in the national standings.

Keith’s 100m and 200m times see him in 21st position in the national league ratings over 2017.

To put this in perspective, Dwain Chambers holds first place for the 100m, so Keith is in very good company on the scoreboard.

Let’s see what happens when he uses those starting blocks!

On the 3rd July Monkton Stadium was the venue for the track races.

Paul Stephenson raced the Mile event, racing round the track four times and finishing in 5:17 to win his age group category and we expect to see him rise from 17th in the UK standings for the Vet45-49 Mile distance to 15 th once the results are published.

Carl Marchant pulled a muscle early into his run, but kept going to finish in 6:02.

Keith Hutchinson raced the 300m, finishing in 38.4 and setting a new Monkton Stadium Record over the distance.

Away from the track there have been many races keeping the Harriers active.

In the Aycliffe 10k, Simon Bennett followed up his win a couple of weeks ago with a fourth place, finishing in 36:41.

The undulating Lambton 10k trail race saw Gareth Foreman lead the Harriers around the testing hilly course, finishing 12th overall of 286 runners in 41:40.

The third race of the Muddy Roads Tees Trail Series took place on a balmy evening at Lordstones.

Jack Hutton’s speed work for the track translated well to the 5k race, securing him fifth place of 159 runners in 19:55.

The Alistair Brownlee 5k race took place at Middlesbrough.

Simon Bennett was the first Harrier to cross the line, 13th in a time of 17:08.

Bill Hornby was a lone Harrier amongst 422 athletes racing at the popular Bridges of the Tyne 5 Mile Road Race finishing in 34:35.