Town boxing promoter says Summer Rumble will be “absolute spectacle”

TITLE HOPEFUL: Peter Cope (right) with team-mates Greg O Neil (left) and Callum Winton
TITLE HOPEFUL: Peter Cope (right) with team-mates Greg O Neil (left) and Callum Winton

Boxing promoter Phil Jeffries has promised fight fans “an absolute specticle” as he prepares for the Summer Rumble show at the Stadium of Light.

On the show there will be no less than 15 fights including a WBO title contest but the father of Sunderland boxer Tony Jeffries knows where the excitement will come from.

While enjoying a holiday in Malta with 18 under-priviledged children, Jeffries’ mind was still on the show ahead.

“The local talent will be the ones to watch,” said the promoter who teams up with Neil Fannan to promote the show.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the likes of Paul Archer, Greg O’Neil, Peter Cope, Callum Winton and many more from the area.

“All the boxers are matched up and I have only heard good things coming from the camps.

“I just pray I bring the sun back and we can have an even better day out in Sunderland.

“We had a terrific show last year and I know there will be more people out this time.

“I am really looking forward to it and I know all the coaches and fighters are so it can only make for a great event.

“The excitement surrounding the show is unreal. I can’t wait to see the local lads out there again like we did last time.

“Callum Winton is someone I haven’t seen a lot of but heard so much about.

“The lad is putting the graft in with Peter Cope senior in the gym and that can only benefit him.”

The bad weather that has dampened plans for the holiday makers of the country will not do the same to the match-makers.

Jeffries said he would love to see the sun shining but knows it is more important what is going on in the ring.

“Sunderland have been fantastic with me and I cannot thank them enough,” added Jeffries.

“Gary Hutchinson has been brilliant and hopefully we won’t have to move to much around to keep people dry.”

The event will see a record breaking show with the most bouts in one afternoon of professional boxing.

Martin Ward and Gary Fox have had to pull out of the show due to injury but Jeffries is not worried about the quality of fighters available to him.

He added: “The Norteast is thriving at the moment with talented kids.

“We have a good set-up here and we need to promote the young lads as much as we can to get more people into boxing.”