Spice Girls in Sunderland: What you can and cannot take into Stadium of Light concert

The countdown is on and it's now just days before the Spice Girls perform in Sunderland.

Saturday, 1st June 2019, 7:53 pm
Umbrellas, snacks, cigarettes and cameras with a long or detachable lens are among the items which will not be allowed into the Spice Girls concert at the Stadium of Light.

If you're going along to the show, here's a guide to what you can and cannot take into the venue, along with some other tips to make your night hassle-free.

It has been put together by the Stadium of Light as the ground prepares to host Thursday evening's show.

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It is part of the Spice World 2019 tour, with the group set to play to a 50,000-capacity crowd, with Jess Glynne supporting the pop stars.

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The Stadium of Light team say concertgoers will be unable to take along:

*An umbrella - The organisers say anyone worried about getting wet should take along a rain coat. The forecast for the city this Thursday, according to the Met Office, is it will be cloudy, with light showers by lunchtime, with a 40% chance of rain up until 10pm. The warmest it is likely to get is 14°c and the coldest is 8°c, with sunset expected at 9.38pm.

Umbrellas, snacks, cigarettes and cameras with a long or detachable lens are among the items which will not be allowed into the Spice Girls concert at the Stadium of Light.

*Rucksacks - There will be no backpacks allowed in, but otherwise, you can take along a bag. It must be smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, 97mm (11.7 inches), width 210mm (8.27 inches), depth 210mm (8.27 inches.)

*Your own food and drinks - The organisers say anyone suffering from a medical condition with special requirements should contact [email protected] well in advance to get permission to bring specific products into the venue. There will be searches at the entrance and guests will be asked to discard any food or drinks before entering.

However, there will be a "wide range" of food and drink to buy and alcohol for those aged 18 and over, with photo ID required as proof of age. There will also be an on-pitch service for those with tickets on the floor of the ground.

*Cigarettes - the venue is no smoking.

The Spice Girls are due to perform in Sunderland on Thursday, June 6.

*Cameras with a long or detachable lens and video cameras - These are not allowed, as they will be classified as a professional camera. People can take in a small digital camera to take images for personal use.

*Flag poles and sticks for banners - While banners themselves are not banned, the organisers have asked people to be aware of others around them, as you could be blocking their view of the show.

Also, if you have a seated tickets, people have been told standing will not be allowed in the interests of safety.

Cameras with a long or detachable lens will not be allowed into the show.

The team have urged people they should:

*Remember their tickets - These must be printed out in advance and taken along. It will have to be in a good condition, kept dry and smudge free, as if it is damaged, it cannot be red by the stadium's entry system and you could be denied entry.

*Check which entrance you need to use. A colour-coded system will be used and divided into purple, red, blue, green, yellow and platinum, with signposts put up to help direct people to the right point of entry.

*Any medication you may need during the evening, which will have to be kept on you as there are no facilities to store it on site.

*Have an adult with them if they are 14 or under. The event is open to all ages, but anyone that age or younger will need to be in the company of an adult aged 18 or older. Under 16s are also not permitted on the pitch.

The Stadium of Light will host the Spice Girls as part of the Spice World 2019 tour.

*If they are pregnant, cannot stand for long periods of time and would like a seat they are advised to email [email protected] in advance so they can be offered options available.

Drivers are being warned road closures around the stadium will start from 7am, with the external courtyards around the ground to open at 2pm.

The approximate times show that the main stadium doors are scheduled to open at 5pm with Jess Glynne due to perform at 7.15pm.

The Spice Girls are expected to take to the stage at 8.30pm and it'll be show over at 10.30pm.

Snacks will not be allowed into the venue, but there will be food and drink on sale inside the ground.
Backpacks are among the items which will not be allowed into the Stadium of Light for the event.