Bookies’ beauty is fair bet for title

Abbie Raddigan
Abbie Raddigan

A BETTING shop worker is in the running to be named the sexiest woman in the UK.

Stunning student Abbie Raddigan has a 9-1 chance of becoming part of Ann Summers’ 2012 campaign.

The Hartlepool 19-year-old featured in a national TV advert with nine other girls last night during ITV2’s award-winning show The Only Way is Essex.

The two-minute slot showcased all the contestants in the sexy clothing company’s competition. Viewers were asked to go online and vote for their favourite.

Abbie, who works in Ladbrokes, in York Road, Hartlepool, has had a frantic month after entering the competition on a trip to the MetroCentre. She has already beatien 4,000 entrants to reach the final phase.

Abbie, from the Clavering area of town, said: “It has been quite daunting. I have never done anything like this before and didn’t know what to expect. I have always wanted to be a model but thought I would never make it. I also love fashion.

“It’s a bit different to working in Ladbrokes with all the men. You could say it’s a different world.”

Abbie’s glamorous journey started just weeks ago when she was out shopping in the Metrocentre.

She passed the Ann Summers shop and was asked to fill out a form and take part in a catwalk in the Gateshead shopping centre.

After speaking to her family and friends, a nervous Abbie agreed to take part and before she knew it she was picked out to appear before judges in the Charlotte Street Hotel, in London.

Jacqueline Gold, chief executive of Ann Summers, was among the panel who were impressed by both Abbie’s look and knowledge of clothing as she turned up in a unique outfit.

Abbie has a flair for design as she is studying fashion marketing at Northumbria University after finishing a BTEC fashion course at Hartlepool-based Cleveland College of Art and Design.

She turned up at the audition in a robe she had created herself at the Hartlepool-based college and judges were said to be impressed by Abbie’s “graceful” style.

Abbie, a former Clavering Primary and St Hild’s school pupil, added: “It was nerve-wracking and they asked lots of questions but I think Jacqueline was impressed with my outfit.

“They asked what makes you feel sexy? And I said nice underwear and perfume.

“They told us afterwards who was going through and I was the last name they called out. It was an amazing feeling.

“Now I’m really excited to see what happens next.”

Abbie, who is sister to Ben, 29, Daniel Fawcett, 30, and Gemma Fawcett, 29, watched the advert last night surrounded by her family and friends, including parents Kevin, 52, and Pamela, 54.

And she is hoping her taxi driver dad will spread the word around Hartlepool.

“He’s going to do his best to let people know when they get in his taxi,” said Abbie. Hopefully lots of people will have smart phones and be able to vote while they’re sat in the back.”

People can vote for Abbie by visiting