Can you help with Elizabeth’s London dream?

ELIZABETH Marshall who has won a scholarship at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
ELIZABETH Marshall who has won a scholarship at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

TALENTED dancer Elizabeth Marshall could be all set to achieve her performing arts dream – but she needs a helping hand along the way.

The 21-year-old, from the town centre area of Hartlepool, has won a coveted place at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, in Wood Green, in central London.

Elizabeth, who is a student at the Debbie Barrass Academy of Performing Arts, in Hartlepool, has just finished a course at Stockton Riverside College.

She already has an impressive CV, said Debbie. Elizabeth did the London College of Music drama exams and has done cabaret shows with well-known entertainer Peter de Dee.

“Elizabeth was 11 when she came to me and that was 10 years ago,” said Debbie. “I am proud of her and she could go a long way.”

Elizabeth’s big ambition was to “have a long career filled with whatever it can be. I want to do musicals and singing. That is a passion of mine,” she added.

She also wants to do plays and television work and said: “I want to have a mixed bag of things to do, and my course in London will definitely help with that.”

Elizabeth has been awarded a scholarship which will pay for her fees during her time in London which she described as a dream come true.

She praised her mum Christine and dad Steven for being a constant support and “coming to everything I have been in”.

She also praised her sister Laura who was a dancer before her, and the inspiration for Elizabeth to strive for her own dream.

But she will still have other costs such as rent and living expenses when she goes to London, and said: ““The place I am going to is a top school. My course is full-time work which makes it pretty impossible for me to get a job.”

Anyone who can help with financial support should email elizabeth at