Capturing Hartlepool butcher’s ‘old vibes’ before historic shop shuts forever

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A STUDENT has captured these evocative images of a butcher’s shop – and paid tribute to the “old vibes” that the business gave off.

Rachel Deakin, who is studying for a BA Hons Photography degree at Cleveland College of Art and Design, in Hartlepool, spent time at Davison’s Butchers just before Christmas.

Rachel, who is in the second year of her degree, said: “It was really traditional. I just liked the old vibes it was giving off. It looked like a welcoming shop and it was a nice environment.”

The Hartlepool Mail told last week how four generations of the Davison family have run the butcher’s business since 1890.

But now, it has closed after 125 years. Husband and wife team Michael, 47, and Caroline Davison, 55, are the last of the family to have the business and ill health forced them to call it a day. Husband and wife team Michael, 47, and Caroline Davison, 55, have run the latest family shop at the Fens precinct for 12 years.

Before that, they had the business when it was based in Owton Manor Lane and the Brus Corner.

Michael is the fourth generation of Davison to run the shop. It was George Davison, who originated from Hutton Henry, who started it all with a premises on the Central Estate when he went into a partnership with three other entrepreneurs.

But then, James Horsley Davison and Michael’s dad Brian Davison continued the butcher’s trade before Michael stepped in.

Michael and Caroline both have ill health.

Caroline needs an operation for long-running problems while Michael has medical issues including damaged vertebrae.

They praised Rachel for her work and the student from Middlesbrough said: “I learned a lot through talking to them.”

Rachel has also been involved in other photography such as portraits and weddings.